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Vintage Starter Jackets

I was wondering how vintage starter jackets fit? I have heard they fit big and baggy, is this true? because i was looking for more of a fitted look

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has anyone ever tried sites like two-id.com and sites like that to get novelty ID's and do they work?

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Favorite Movie Soundtracks

The (500) days of summer soundtrack is great. What are some of your favorite movie soundtracks?

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Water-Resilient Outerwear

I am currently in the market for some rain outerwear. I know gortex material is the best but very expensive. Can anyone recommend some nice water resistant or proof jackets or brands or websites that have a nice slim fitting and good water resistant outwear. Thanks

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Black Air Yeezy + Zen Air Yeezys + Tiffany SB + Jordan V + More (Size 9-10.5)

[B][COLOR="Red"]READ FIRST:[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR="red"]-I am 100000000% legit, just look at my all positive feedback -I ship USPS Priority mail with tracking -I accept and prefer Paypal, but if using PayPal add 4% -I am new to hypebeast, but have over 85 all positive feedback on ISS and other marketplaces -I am looking for cash, but may accept some trades. But I only want HEAT, so dont offer me some gr sb's. I am mostly looking for visvim, dior, and louis vuitton. I accept things in size 9.5-10.5, and size medium and maybe small [/COLOR] [B]Black Yeezys[/B] for sale is a pair of black and pink nike air yeezys in size 10.5 with og every. I would say they are vnds/nds they just have some creasing which is because the material on the black yeezys creases very easy. they come with og everything. i want cash, but if you offer trades, only offer HEAT trades. S/O is 299$, but i looking for more than that and I am really testing waters on these so just make me an offer [Image]

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