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Flatbush Zombies Official Discussion Thread

waiitin for their sht to release is killin me maan. their shts sooo dope

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Is J.Cole tryna be the New Biggie?

[Quote]but yo mac was still on his shit though. his evolution from blue slide park (hot garbage) to watching movies with the sound off; big change up that's only gonna push him further. he finally starts spittin some better lines on beats that he can run with better. that happy go lucky sht aint doin nothing for him and when the switch over came he made it easier for himself compete better with numerous others in the game. like the zone he put himself in on that album is right; hes not trying to be hood and hes not tryin to be some dope fiend, kids just spittin about his life and issues in a deep tone and setting. like i would even say this is better his k.i.d.s mixtape; and that sht was a anchor for me to keep checkin back to see if he'd get better. like he aint gonna be on par with people like cole, wale, or even roth; but at least now he can have a chance to be taken a lot more seriously in the game; nigguh had himself lookin like riff raff for a while.

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Kanye West - Yeezus

aiight 2cents time rn aiight first this albums like a 8 or 8.5 out of 10. there are some decent tracks but its a bit forgettable. the track beats and production stay relatively similar throughout the album. id give him props on black skinhead and new slaves; though they are contradictory to a lot of his sht they are dope tracks. the album lost me because a lot of the songs were about the same topic or theme and then u got tracks that just sound mad similar leading to just forgettable tracks . plus i cant be the only that found tht autotune whining annoying as fuck. track for track production was on top but as a whole piece it was just one clump of sounds melded together. im a sucka for old school styled track tho so this was there for me. i can see this style of hip hop going places but its just not for me.

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Best Barbershop/ Barber In Toronto?

[Quote]yeah bro nappy's at kennedy and denison is superb yo.

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