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quality of fucking awesome pullovers

What are the quality of the pullovers they make? Are they similar quality to supreme or are they quite thin?

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

USA to UK proxy

dunno where to post this. I need a proxy so i can order from several different websites in the USA that i cant get access to over here. I'll make all payments through paypal and pay you for being the middle man of course. HMU if ur interested.

2 Weeks ago in United Kingdom

clothing stains

i got a couple of white tees with marks on it that wont go whats the best way to clear up stains on tees/hoodies etc? i bought this stain removing stuff from the local shop but it doesnt work to well

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

how do you look after your kicks?

i see all these collections of shoes that look nearly new in condition, but with me because im out daily i have no choice but to end up wearing them out just through everyday use. I mean i keep some to the side to look fresh when i leave out for specific things but eventually i end up using them for everyday use because my old ones look kind of worn out. How do people own like 10+ pairs that cost such money and keep them all in good condition?

2 Weeks ago in Footwear