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Just an observation

Facially, theres essentiallly no difference between men and women. It could be social conditioning or not that makes us like one genders features over the other, but theres really no traits exclusive to each(like i really mean any random girls face could belong to a guy). Makes me wonder really how genetically based sexual orientation is. This is only a quick run down of my current thoughts cause I have to leave for work right now, so I'll let you guys ponder/discuss this while I go flip burgers for 5 hours.

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Everyone with a location of ”Yass” is Boland

DOG RATS, wehatelondon, JohnLamone, benmyers So in case you dont like him, stop feeding all his troll accounts

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Personality/Mental Disorders vol. Real thread/no trolling

On some real shit tho I have OCD and that shit is annoying. I always be double/triple/quadriple checking everything and im a germaphobe. Shits starting to piss me off too to the point I get mad when its triggered. For example, I'm busy and accidently touch something that I think is dirty and then my OCD wants me to clean my hands but at the same time I'm in the middle of sumthin and shit and I don't really want to. But then if I don't the compulvise thoughts become distractions. Plus there's also the fact I stay taking long as fuk to wash my hands. Thats one thing I know for sure, but I suspect I also have a personality disorder in the likes of Borderline or maybe even Social Anxiety, idk. I'm not sure wuts the roots of some of my personal problems... Any of you guys suffer from one(or more), or know people that do?

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How Does Pussy Feel

LOL, honest question that shit cushy aint it? feel like ur puttin ur dick inbetween the couch seat and the couch, right? but the couch seat wet, right? yehhh, tell a nigga

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How to make beats(best program for beginner?)

Is fruity loops good to start with? I have all these concepts in my mind of dope songs but need to be able to create beats to execute them. Tryna get my Kanye on. Thanks in advance. Also if you could link me to any good beginner guide/intro(especially for hip-hop beats) etc. or even give tips of ur own id wholeheartedly appreciate it. Mucho gracias in advancedo.

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