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Reevaluating life? Vol: Finding Passion and Purpose.

Im in the same situation, but im beginning to emerge out of it. You just have to look into yourself and find out what really motivates you and just go for it. When I was in your position I started reading biographies to see how alot of other people overcame their fears and depression. Don't let life beat you down, 20 is still young,and you can do whatever you want to.  The mind and imagination are the most powerful tools that every-one has, but it depends on if you use them to their full extent. Its the main reason why a dude like Batman with no super-powers is in the justice league. Also finding a hobby helps a whole lot. Youll get to meet new people. It might seem kind of jumbled but I hope you can get something from what I said.

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Show me a good lookin Asian girl w/o makeup

yeah some Asian bitches be looking weird without makeup.

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Planning on becoming a Graphic Designer and Im getting an Apartment with my girlfriend!...

lol SupaRise is too funny.

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Anyone know how to do the popular nappy twistout hairstyle??

[Quote]I think you have to get your fro twisted for like 2-3 weeks, then untwist them. Im trying to do the same thing

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Childish Gambino - Because The Internet

Definetly gonna buy

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