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[ONLY NY] - 2010 Official Discussion Thread

[URL] There should have been a thread for ONLY in a here since day one. Quietly been doing their thing for some time now and starting to get the full exposure they deserve. I feel like we may have started up a thread for ONLY a few years back and there were some die hard fans around so hopefully some of you come out of the wood work. At any rate, I'm a huge fan of the work that ONLY does. Simple, refined, straight forward NY appeal. Designs are always clean and spot on. (Grotesk also did some real cool illustrations for their latest release.) Anyway, I'll drop some product shots and so fourth, continue the discussion brethren. [Image]

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Little Brother- The Listening. (Appreciation)

[Image] I did a little [URL] Onwards...

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Jay-Z- Death of Auto-Tune

Wow I came into this section waiting to read a couple pages of reactions and laughs. Suprised you guys havn't been talking this up already. I'm not even a Jay-Z guy but it was still slightly epic and funny to listen to. Especially the fact that Cee felt it was ok to play Swizz Beatz and than Ron Browz [I]immediately[/I] after DOA. Hilarious. Link: [URL]

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[Image] [I]So I made it to the theater tonight alongside some other souls to catch the premier of Notorious. The life story of the man who may have been the greatest to string vocals over lines of drums and samples, Christopher

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Parking Lot Pranks- Let me Hear Them

So I have a group of friends and we've just made it our business over the past year and even more so recently to wreck havoc in the parking lot. Most victims are Juniors who arn't supposed to be there anyway, everyone who has been a senior or knows the feeling I'm sure can relate with this age old epic battle. I need new ammunition, I am looking to you guys for some new ideas. So far we have done all of the obvious I'm looking to see how outlandish we can get this to be. We've done anything regarding cheese, shaving cream, plastic wrap, rocks in hub caps and I'm sure more...So let me know what you guys have done someone else has to be in the same boat as I am. *Slick Rick* "Heeeeeere we go."

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[PEGLEG NYC 2008]-Discussion

[URL] Probably my favorite brand out at the moment. Their cut and sew is not to be touched if you havn't seen it in person defiantly check it out. [Image] The new knit cardigans they dropped are bananas.

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Loch is trying to win $40,000 in scholarship money, Help Me Out Fam

Whats happening fam, I am one of 10 students across the nation to be in the finals for this public speaking competition. If I win, than I am supposed to be walking away with 40,000 dollars in scholarship money, and Award Tour isn't quite big enough for me to pay for college yet so the money would help haha. You can listen to me speak and everyone speak online at [URL] Or if your in the NYC Area check out 1600 AM. I am getting my Martin Luther King on at 9:50 so tune in around that time to hear whats going down. Than this is the important part.. Send an email to [B]wordsthatshook@gmail.com[/B] with a rating from 1-5. 5 being the best. Send the email over after you have heard my speech and enjoy.. If the HB community could come through honestly on this one it would be ill. Take it easy fam and enjoy the day off... Loch

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[PEGLEG NYC] 2007 Discussion

I almost don't want to make this thread because if people are still sleeping on this brand than I feel like I'd rather them just not know about it at all. To me the quality, cut and sew, and originality of all of their pieces just speak for themselves. You have to have the opportunity to pick some of these garments up and see exactly what it is I'm talking about. Either way. Discuss familia. [URL] [Image]

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Fall Of Rome- Lupe Fiasco's Line

Oh Wee I cannot believe all of you all hyping hype beasters have not gotten to this before me. Exclusive upcoming image of Lupe Fiasco's upcoming line. Full story is over on the ALIEN site. [URL] [Image] Obviously its not much, looks like a nice bag though. Speculations?...

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2007 Hip Hop Honors

Well you must have seen this coming. I don't know about my overall reaction to the show. It started off bad. When T-Pain came out and sang. Without any editing. And with no vocalizer. And absolutely delivered the worst performance I have ever seen on TV, well that was just not a good way to start it for me. Tribute to Wild Style was nice as was the nod to New Jack Swing. But the reason I tuned in was obviously for Tribe Called Quest, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Busta looked ridiculous but his pure emotion and hype in his performance made up for it. Pharrell and Lupe slipped a little on the lines, but the performance was on point I thought, Common killed it. 10 min. left Im watching the finale.

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In Light Of The Recent Bull Shit Threads...Something Refreshing

Iigh Ive seen some bad posts advertising local music of people who are promoting their own stuff so I figured its about time I throw my mans up here that is actually on something serious. [Image] [URL] Theres some tracks on the myspace. Hes obviously my boy, but I wouldnt cosign something if it was wack. Cop the mixtape its better than the vast majority of shit out there... Let me know good or bad. Listen to the Dreamin snippet and tell me thats not crack.

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NYC Soled Out Spring Event-

[Image] Anyone have extra word on it or planning on showing up?

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Lets Talk About This Reason Tee...

[Image] Also the obvious styling of it looks like a Hitler-esq/ German Leader type of person. Also the "reflection" in his spectacle is a hanging person... Am I the only one seeing this? Is it anti Nazi because they are saying they are the Enemy? And if thats the case how come they are saying "WE" are the enemy. Someone shed some light for me...

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LOCHNESS: Presents The Award Tour Spring 2007 Look Book

So there was a thread about the line previously, and a number people have followed the blog and its creation as well as its progress on these boards. So from here on I'm proud to let you guys be the first to catch a glimpse of the Award Tour Spring series. Countless late nights and dedication from myself and those around me lead to it, and I hope you all enjoy it. Props to all of my fam on here who kept up with me and supported me through the whole process. Award Tour is coming. [Image] If you havnt seen the video of the photoshoot, make sure you check that out first to get the vibe of the shoot. [URL][/SIZE] Follow the Award Tour link to enter the Tour. Enjoy. Stay Safe, LochNess

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Southparks take on 300

[URL] Hilarious.

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