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Movie Blogs

What are some good blogs to download new movies from in decent quality? Feel free to post any in this thread.

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I check out WDIR and KnowxOne's blogs regularly to check out what they got and am looking for any other blogs which cater to similar mediums. Anyone got any other music blogs they want to share?

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Quick question, Im a photoshop newb never tried it out or anything before. Any experts here know which version I need to purchase to edit existing photos, like take a picture and add another image onto their so it looks like one pic?

2 Weeks ago in Photography

Champions League Final

kickoff is about to start...who do ya'll got winning this, AC Milan or Liverpool? I hope Milan takes it, being a Man U fan i despise Liverpool, so it would be nice to see maldini take one home, and if u havent seen this kid Kaka play, your missing out.

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Vans Syndicate w)taps Chukka

does anybody know the retail price on these?

2 Weeks ago in Vans

The Descent

I just saw this movie and its fucked up, but in a good way. definatley best horror movie of the past year imo

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premium label

are there any actual websites that have this brand in stock??

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[B]Union in LA[/B]

does anybody know the address to the union store in LA?

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wow it finally happened...i was hoping AI would go to minnesota to play with KG but its just as good seeing him play with Melo. I just think that the answer should keep in mind that the nuggets are Carmelos team and if these guys can work together, its going to be a scary team.

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ufc 65

does anyone have the video for the hughes-st pierre fight? i hear the champ got dominated

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Gears of War

GoW is such a sick game especially co-op

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what jeans would look real clean with the neon blue bape sweater? anyone have any suggestions?

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anyone know what hoody Lupe is rockin in the I Gotcha video...the blue one

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what hoody is jay-z wearing?

Does anyone know what hoody Jay-Z is rocking in the december xxl issue? i could only find the cover pic, but if anyone has the magazine theres a few pics of it inside as well. [Image]

2 Weeks ago in Brands