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The Role of "Blogging" In Society

Blogs have become an inescapable fixture of the internet, rivaling porn and Nigerian e-mail scams. More than likely you know one or two or several people with blogs that capture daily bits and pieces of their lives. Celebrities have them. Politicians use them to seem hip. And regular people, just like you and I, are fascinated enough to maintain our own online diaries and bookmark others'. The explosion of blogging seemed to coincide with social networking sites such as Xanga, Friendster, and Myspace; and have continued to grow in popularity with the emergence of Facebook and Twitter. Our "streetwear" culture that we ALL belong too (Whether you like to acknowledge it or not) is reliant on blogging to spread messages to consumers everywhere. Over the course of the last year, in preparation for the launch of my own lifestyle project, I have examined what makes a blog successful, and whether or not there's better alternatives than "blogging." Because a blog is just a place for the OPINIONS of that respective person, it seems hard to imagine that they will decrease in popularity anytime soon. My question is for everyone: Is blogging a trend that will soon die out, along with all-over prints and neon sneakers? Or is it something more than that. Have blogs become such an integral aspect of our daily lives that they will never disappear? Thoughts?

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