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Quitting weed

I've been a heavy smoker the last 3 years and i think its time for me to quit smoking that dank. I just turned 21 and that shit made me put some perspective on life and what I plan on doing after graduating college. I'm doing well in school and bout to graduate with honors (spring 2014 in dis bitch) but  I quit cold turkey three days ago but I'm feeling very irritated and there are borderline craves. shit is hard when you live in a place like los angeles where weed is basically a culture and all your homies and friends smoke it and it is everywhere at parties etc. I also have a medical card so that shit is way too convenient for me to get, I could walk down the street at 1am and go cop some herb at a shop and be okay. Staring at my illadelph bong right now isn't helping either. But i honestly felt as though I was wasting time and money being "high" no matter how fun the feeling was of being high and tripping out to movies and doing other shit, at the end of the day that's all your doing nothing more nothing less. All the money i've spent on weed could have been spent on more productive shit than a non replenish good like marijuana. I sit back and look at certain people wasting their lives and time off that shit but at the same time I know a lot of successful people that smoke. This is not a bash weed post because I will never advocate against it and it has various medicinal benefits that I have witnessed individuals thrive from. Neither will I look down on others for smoking because quite frankly I'd be a hypocrite but I have a feeling that it just aint for ME. Anyone see any benefits of quitting? I honestly feel the same as I did when I was smoking everyday. But ive heard of people feeling a lot better mentally and physically. Better memory, improved grades etc. I'm on day 3 of quitting, the hardest thing for me to do last night was turn down a blunt in a session with some girls but I felt relieved that I did it. Not gonna lie I have done shrooms and molly before and am flirting with the idea of trying lsd for the first time but nevertheless what does my hb fam think?

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Size 34 Wings + Horns Black Slim Fit Raw Denim Jean

Hello folks I'm selling a pair of Brand new Wings+Horns slim fit raw in black. I have never worn these jeans, they are crispy new. They are slim fit, tapered and will shrink to a tighter fit like the fit i show below with a wash. I dont have the exact measurements because wings + horns never released exact measurements for these jeans.The jeans have a regular rise and super rigid selvedge denim Made in Japan. I do not personally have fit pics of me wearing these jeans because I have never worn them but from pics from other people and ones given on the website they fit similar to apc ns/ps I am asking for 160 shipped paypal only these are brand new condition and originally retail for 250, don't sleep on this steal. Contact me via pm for sale inquiries SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY, DO NOT CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE NOT A SERIOUS BUYER heres a fit pic of the same exact jeans from a model [Image]

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Dita Beretta Sunglasses Black/Grey Lens, Price DROP!!!

Hello Folks Here I am selling a pair of new like condition dita beretta sunglasses. Perfect for the summer months coming up. I have only worn these shades 3 times, one being in the store before I bought them. Sunglasses are 100% comes with receipt (shown in pics) upon request. Theres no scratches or any signs of wear on the lends or on the frame. The glasses also have a lifetime warranty at Dita Legends located in Los Angeles. You cannot get this lifetime warranty anywhere else unless you buy glasses there. Comes with everything that comes with the glasses when you buy them, (cleaning kit, case etc) I'm asking for 215 shipped, PAYPAL ONLY I am paypal verified and I have feedback, SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY, DO NOT CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE NOT SERIOUS ABOUT PURCHASING I am located in the US and I will ship within the United States and internationally for an extra charge. [Image]

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[FS] Gucci "Shaman" Moccassins Mystic Tan size 11

Hello folks blushing, here I'm selling a pair of my beloved size 11 mystic tan gucci shaman moccasins, this colorway is very rare to find so is this size, don't sleep on this deal. Description: Shoes are size 11 can fit anyone from size 11-13 VNDS very lightly worn 3-4 times, last time I wore them was last January. Shoes are absolutely legit. Starting Offer- 300 USD Buy it Now- 350 usd PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE!! WILLING TO NEGOTIATE LOWER PRICE Shipping: Shipping is included in the price,shoes will be shipped usps priority double boxed in a vans syndicate shoe box (Same shoe box for bulletproof half cabs, so you know it's safe and secure) since I don't currently have the original gucci box, it saves money for both of us because the gucci shoe boxes are heavy which would result in extra shipping costs. [b]Meetups: I'm located in los angeles, and i'm willing to do meetups for no shipping cost.[/b] [COLOR="Red"]International Shipping: I will ship internationally for an extra 15 dollars[/COLOR] Feedback: I have all positive feedback with no negative complaints ranging from hypebeast to nikeskateboarding.org, to ISS, sufu and to ebay, feedback and references will be given if requested, So now on to the pics... [Image]

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2007 hypebeast members whats good???

06 made a thread, any left?

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Trying to lose weight and have a few questions

i'm 5'11 around 210-215 with a small frame so i look around 170-175 but im trying to drop down to 165 After searching through various sites i've learned that people make losing weight harder than what it really seems. Is there any clear simple way i can simply just lose weight without being overwhelmed by a list of instructions and guidelines i have to follow everyday ?. I don't want losing weight to become a burden on my life, i'd still like to have fun and do everything i normally do without it affecting me My goal isn't really to gain any muscle i just want to lose weight that's it, should i still be doing weights and working out or just pure diet and cardio? In the past while trying to lose weight i've failed because ive been overwhelmed with stuff people have been telling me to do to lose weight. Is it as simple as -Don't eat/drink junk foods -Eat healthy non salty food and fruits -Do cardio or is there more to it? I just want the simplest way to lose weight so i don't have tons of information overwhelming me while im doing it. I want it to be a process where it's easy and simple and i don't have much to think about other than eating right and doing what i'm supposed to do. I'm a avid weed smoker, would smoking weed negatively ruin my goal of losing weight? I've heard of people losing tons of weight while smoking but i'm still not sure. I'm willing to drop the habit aslong as it will help me reach my goal. thank you guys for the help

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Feedback: Lew

please post here if you've dealt with me

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[FS] B Son Mock Pullover Hoody DS Large

Selling the infamous B son mock pullover hoody that sold out on it's release a year ago, I've never worn this hoody, it's completely ds. Unfortunately It's not cold enough to wear this hoody out here and i need money for books so here it goes Shipping: USPS priority mail will get there in 2-3 days Will ship internationally for a 15 dollar fee Payment: Paypal Only BIN- 100 Shipped I have referrals and feedback so let me know if you'd like to see them Best way to contact me is via Pm B Son Mock Pullover Hoody Grey-Large-DS [Image]

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Trippy movies to see while high?

Anyone recommend any? I know death proof is trippy as fuck when high also scanner darkly

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How do you achieve this look by post processing on lightroom?

[Image] i know this might not be the best example but i have light room and im looking to achieve this look

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[WTB] Gucci "Shaman" Moccassin Size 11 Brown Color

wtb folks, used or ds is fine LMK

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Shoe racks

so im getting ready to go to college, and im in dire need of a shoe rack for all my shoes, i have big feet (size 13) so id like a rack where my shoes can sit neatly and comfortably and not have to jam in sideways and stuff anyone have any recommendations of shoe racks that can hold about 15+ shoes that arent big and bulky

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[WTB] Supreme Box logo fitted 7 3/4

Looking to buy in black or navy blue preferable i dont want the fitteds with the flags and stuff on the back

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Photoshop for free?

is there a way to get photoshop for free for my mac? i would do it the legit way and buy it but i have no money neither do i have a job

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[FS] Supreme X Neighborhood Large

Sup folks I'm currently selling my black supreme x neighborhood tee, the 1st gen one. (Rebel without a pause) Worn 3 times and dry cleaned once, basically brand new like condition Rules: Paypal ONLY! Will Only Shipped to Confirmed Addresses Paypal +4% is includes in the SO and BIN price No Trades Unless it's something I can't refuse Willing to Negotiate No Low Ballers WILL BE SHIPPED SAME DAY USPS PRIORITY SO-82.70 BIN-93.00 Shipped [Image] contact me here by pm's for quickest communication

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