Happy Birthday Milly

For one of the greatest mods ever! Lets get wasted cuzzo. smokeyface

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[FS] HP Card/Coin Case, Supreme Beanies & 5 Panel, White G-Shock

[B]PAYMENT[/B] paypal ([I][U][B]must have a verified account with a confirmed home address[/B][/U][/I]) please add 4% paypal fee international shipping available contact me for pricing ([I]outside of N.America[/I]) local pickups are fine in the greater toronto area [U][I]do not contact me if you do not have money ready ![/I][/U] [B]CONTACT INFO[/B] email: [email]samsiwoku@rogers.blackberry.net[/email] [COLOR="Red"][B][U]PLEASE TRY NOT TO PRIVATE MESSAGE ME! I CAN RESPOND MUCH QUICKER TO YOU THROUGH THIS E-MAIL![/U][/B][/COLOR] [B]REFERENCES[/B] Well known on Hypebeast ask around. [URL] paypal verified user with confirmed address [B]TRADES[/B] Kangol x Fragment Beanie [B]Head Porter Black Croc Coin/Card Case[/B] - $100 Never used brand new in the box! [Image]

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[FS] Leumas' Apparel - Supreme, Zara, Carhartt - Updated Feb 9th

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[Free] Shoes! Pay For Shipping ONLY!!!

[size=24][color=red][u][b]ALL I ITEMS IN HERE ARE FREE!!! JUST PAY FOR SHIPPING AND ITS YOURS!!![/b][/u][/color][/size] EDIT: Lets try this again. $20 shipped for a pair. Comes with tracking and the whole 9. Black On Black Converse Size 11 [Image]

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[FS] Leumas' Shoes - Guccis, w)taps, Ubiqs, Structures, Air Trainers and Nike SB's

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Asher Roth - The Green House Effect

This is pretty nice. I dont really check for new rap artist but this guy is a breath of fresh air. The guy has flow,charisma and nice worldplay. Definatly one to watch for the future. Its crazy cus he looks like a frat boy which just makes the whole thing even better. Here is his myspace - [URL]

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Feedback: Leumas

If I have ever sold/bought anything to/from you please leave your experience in this thread good or bad. Anyone willing to vouch my legitness is welcome to post in here too.

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Amazing Park Workout

1st 30 seconds the dude is talking about some bullshit but the stuff these guys pull off is absolutely amazing. Especially what the guy does at 3:09. Check it out : [URL]

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Official SEXI04 Denim Contest.

This is an idea pitched from tomxkaws about have alittle competition on a pair of SEXI04's. So far the people who are in are: tomxkaws - [B][COLOR="Indigo"]Indigo[/COLOR][/B] Leumas(me) - [B][COLOR="Indigo"]Indigo[/COLOR][/B] FFF - [COLOR="Indigo"][B]Indigo[/B][/COLOR] Distort - [COLOR="Indigo"][B]Indigo[/B][/COLOR] MickMike - [COLOR="Indigo"][B]Indigo[/B][/COLOR] Waffle - [B][COLOR="Indigo"]Indigo[/COLOR][/B] Huy - [B][COLOR="Indigo"]Indigo[/COLOR][/B] ET88guy - [B][COLOR="Indigo"]Indigo[/COLOR][/B] djreallyreal - [B][COLOR="Indigo"]Indigo[/COLOR][/B] Drewp - [B][COLOR="Indigo"]Indigo[/COLOR][/B] KidKorea - [B][COLOR="Indigo"]Indigo[/COLOR][/B] Da KidfromHaiti - [B][COLOR="Indigo"]Indigo[/COLOR][/B] Piff Huxtable - [B][COLOR="Indigo"]Indigo[/COLOR][/B] Addic - [COLOR="Black"][B]Black[/B][/COLOR] Habia - [COLOR="Black"][B]Black[/B][/COLOR] Loong - [B][COLOR="Black"]Black[/COLOR][/B] A_M - [B][COLOR="Black"]Black[/COLOR][/B] Darkened - [COLOR="Black"][B]Black[/B][/COLOR] Anyone else who wants in just drop your name in. It will be fun, a great pair of jeans and will motivate me to put some good wear into these. Please try and keep general questions pertaining to the jeans in the SEXI04 = Self Edge x Imperial 19cm Cut Thread: [URL] 1st Wear: Feb 14th 2008 Pictures: [Image] I think im going to have to get a new camera for this contest. No way my P&S will be able to compete with Toms and FFF's camera. Lets get it on people and all the best!blushing

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I Need Laptop Advice

Im looking to get a new laptop around the April - June and I need advice on what laptop to get. I currently have a Dell Inspiron 2200 which Ive been using, 3 years come August. Nothing is really wrong with it, its just that the spec are starting to become outdated. So I need a PC not a Mac. Whats the best PC maker out there? I dont want to say money isn't an option because it is, but I have about $2000 but im willing to go alittle over too. Any recommendations would be great. Thanks.

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How Many Forums Are You Signed Up Too?

I was making a tag for all the streetwear/fashion forums im on and wanted to make sure to include all of them and when I was done with the list I was pretty suprised of the high number. The I also remembered that Im also on other forums. I think Im never signing up to another forum ever again. Heres a break down: [U]Streetwear/Fashion[/U]: hypebeast.com - everyday smelltherich.com - 1 a week beunequaled.com 2-4 a week superfuture.com - every other day issforums.com - once a month bapetalk.com - once a month soraatalk.com - once a week envyd.com - once a month nikesb.org - over 6 months ago [U]Music:[/U] allhiphop.com - twice a week [U]Hair:[/U] 360waves.net/forums - over 6 months hairboutique.com - over 6 months [U]Sports:[/U] thedugout.net - over 6 months [U]Gaming:[/U] sigames.com - a year ago [U]Phone:[/U] howardforums.com - once a month [U]Other:[/U] redflagdeals.com/forums - once a month 16 altogether pretty digusted at my self. Most of them I just spend maybe 10-20 min but its not good. Im definatly not signing up to any forums in the near future. Anyone else have several forums they post on? or is it just me?

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1 Monkey No Cup!


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Father Rapes Stepson For Raping His Sister

Jan. 13, 2008, 1:34AM Arlington man accused of sodomizing stepson to avenge daughter's rape Associated Press FORT WORTH, Texas

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Jones Jr vs Trinadad Fight

Im sure there are other boxing fans out there who havn't all hopped on the MMA train. Both superstar fighters who have dropped form the limelight for some time and 1st big fight for both of them for a long time. On this one Im going to have to go with Roy Jones.Jr. He seems hungrier and has a couple of fights (although they have been to no names) under his belt to lose ring rust. Trinidad hasn't fought since losing to Winky Wright. The added fact that they are fighting at 170 which is more likely to help Jones is another factor. I feel Jones hasn't lost that much speed that made him the best pound for pound fighter he was. If Roy Jones does win this I would love to see a Mayweather vs Jones.Jr fight. I really like the build up to this fight. Not bigger than the Mayweather vs Hatton fight but enough to give me tingles and put money on. Here is a video for the build up. [URL] Discuss.

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Man says MP3 player he bought daughter for Christmas preloaded with porn

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. - It's not what Santa intended. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A man in Cookeville, Tennessee, is thinking about suing Wal-Mart because the MP3 video player he gave to his little girl for Christmas turned out to be loaded with explicit tunes and porn videos. Daryl Hill says the 10-year-old child burst into tears when she saw it. He says he just wishes he could get those "thoughts and images" out of her head. Hill figures the player must have been returned by somebody who had loaded it with sex clips and songs about drugs. Wal-Mart says it's investigating because returned items that have been opened are not supposed to be resold. In the meantime it's offering Hill a replacement. But he says he's going to hang on to it until he talks to a lawyer. [URL]

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