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Afura.nl - New Online Store

www [b][U]dot[/U][/b] afura [b][U]dot[/U][/b] nl/ Afura Online Store is a new dutch webstore, We aim to be a store with a mixture of mid-high to high-end street - and 'classic casual/fashion' wear. In contrary to common believe that these segments don't always match, we intend to fill this gap. Our collection is a selection of clean, chicer and niche items, always carefully hand picked with attention for fabric and fit. Currently selling Clae, Orisue, Gourmet, Hixsept and GoodWood NYC (in a week) and in the upcoming seasons we're expanding with brands like Penfield, Ruffle & Bow, Supra and Filling Pieces (a dutch based shoe brand). We ship worldwide so check it out and leave some feedback! [I]excuse the url, don't have the 25 posts yet.[/I]

2 Weeks ago in Fashion