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Sex Time Playlists

I'm sure many of you guys have playlists that you put on when the magic's about to happen, so feel free to post yours. I'm trying to build mine up.

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Alien Game + Cudder


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Acoustic Jam

Post more acoustic sounding stuff, Hawaiian musics dope too! Enlighten me please. [URL]

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Sdsu greenfest tickets ft. Lupe fiasco and steve aoki

2 tickets to SDSU's Greenfest on April 22. Featuring Lupe Fiasco and Steve Aoki. Don't miss out! 50 each obo! or offer something cool! [Image]

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Calling all DESIGNERS


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Not a small, yet not a medium

I am somewhat in a predicament just like Britney Spears. Now that it seems like i am finally done growing, being 5 9 and like 140ish pounds. I can't seem to find a good size fitting t-shirts. When i buy small, its perfect pre-wash. but after its too small. And medium is just way too big pre-wash, but shrinks extremely weird after wash. I had 2 medium stussy shirts, that after wash were rediculously wide and short length wise. Any one else have this problem???

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