ALL SOLD. THANK YOU BUYERS. $OLD - CDG Vans Authentic Pro S/S '12 - Sz 10 $OLD - The North Face 3M Reflective Backpack - Red $OLD - PCL Vans Era Pro - Sz 9.5

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No new message notifications.. Vol. guyitsmathew

Breh check your inbox a$vp

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Robb Bank$

Been seeing this kids name around for a little bit but never bothered to click till today. [Embed content] Some thoughts.. Dude's grill is hideous. He was obviously influenced by a few of the newer/younger rappers we got out. I like the feel of his music, production is pretty nice. Lyrics aren't bad. From South Florida, making me a little biased, but all in all I fux with it. discuss

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Scuffed desert boots

So a few months ago I fell off a motorcycle while wearing my boots and the right one got scuffed up. I haven't been treating them as well as I should, with oil or wax or anything, just wearing em. Looking at the right one, do you think there's anything I can do as far as treatment wise, to clean it up? Maybe some leather wax or someshit? [Image]

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Light skinned niccas

will never lose. Like I was trying to post before that got deleted.. Alll bitches like light skinned niggas. Don't hate smokeyface

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[FS] Supreme Safari/Leopard camp. CHEAPEST

You know what it is. BIN $110 + ship. Also open to trades (like for a black one) [Image]

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Brixton Castor NWT

New with tags. Never worn besides trying it on. Bought this for those beach days but it's not really my style. Brown, size S. Willing to let this go for $20, or trade, or whatever. Shoot me an offer. [Image]

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Another Shitty Thread vol. Bumps for Dumps

Just dropped the kids off at the pool. wbu?

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Supreme Navy Camp

SOLDDD. $70 shipped. Paypal only Quick pic [Image]

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Supreme Navy Zebra Camp

$70 Shipped. Paypal only. [Image]

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No more Jobs?

On my way home this morning I heard on the radio that it was rumored that Steve Jobs' illness has came down to the point that he has a few weeks left to live. Truth? If this is indeed true, when Jobs is gone, I think Apple is gonna do some things differently. I don't know what, but for sure Jobs' brain is the whole thinking process behind the company so when someone else is in charge who knows what direction the company will take.

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Elwood Gone Fishin' Jacket sz.M NWT

Brand new with tags. Nice jacket, but a tab bit too big. I'd be willing to trade for a Small if anyone's bout that, or just general trades are welcomed. Stock pic because I'm too lazy, but if you're serious, I'll take tagged pictures for you. [Image] $55 + shipping.

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AMF in MIAMI Saturday Nov 20!

[Image] Who's gonna be out there?

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Sunglasses ID por favor

saw these on the streetsnaps. any ideas? [Image] i love the print on them, so if you know of something similar lmk. <3

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