FS: Closet Cleaning - N&F, Freshjive, Flying Coffin, Stussy (Size 28, M, L - Jeans + Shirts)

PayPal only - Gift or + 4% International buyers cover shipping Thanks for looking! [Image]

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FS: Desert Boots (7.5) Puma 1st Rounds (10.5)

Hey I have 3 pairs of shoes for sale, you can email me or PM me what ever you like: ALL OF THE PRICES ARE INCLUDING SHIPPING! email: iLegionnaire@gmail.com Here is my tag: [Image] Hit me up with offers or questions, anything, thanks a lot!

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[VICES] - 2011 Official Discussion Thread

[Image] We are gonna do some final changes to some of the tees and colorways, but it's all pretty solid and we are gonna get a lookbook out ASAP! [B]You can head over to our main site or our Twitter that is definitely where you are going to get the best updates, thank HB, long time lurker![/B] Hope to hear lots of feedback!

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Jordan Grapes (10) & Clarks Desert Boots (7.5)

I don't wear these shoes and the DB's are too small for me. PAYMENT: PAYPAL ONLY! SHIPPING: USPS W/ DELIVERY CONFIRMATION Jordan V Grape, Size 10.5 - [B]$140[/B] -NO Lacelocks, NO OG Box [Image] Hit me up with offers, don't lowball too hard HB iLegionnaire or PM's, thanks y'all! smokeyfacesmokeyface WILL ADD TAGGED PHOTOS ASAP, DON'T DELETE PLEASE!

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Chuuwee: Be Cool EP

[Image] I just heard about this dude yesterday the same day he dropped his EP! I saw a thread about him specifically but this EP is too sick to not make a thread for, check him out putting SAC on the map! You can download it [URL] smokeyfacesmokeyface

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Don't stand around at shows

[URL] I hate how kids just stand at shows, but this guy ESPECIALLY gets on my fucking nerves... look at the far right that dude stands there THE ENTIRE SHOW! Not just stands there, but stands there with his hood up and his hands in some sort of spiritual pose, fuckkkkkkk... ?) EDIT: [Image]

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Amateur Pornstars - Cereal & Milf

[Image] My homie's just put our their first mixtape, you all should check it out! [URL] Thanks for all the feedback ahead of time! smokeyfacesmokeyface

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Anyone had this happen to them?

Pretend you are listening to a song and and in the song they say "dolphin" and right when they say that word, you happen to look at a picture of a dolphin. This happens to me all the fucking time and it freaks me out like how I always look at the clock when it's 9:11. Here is the situation that just happened... I was listening to Molliwopped [Image] Tell me I'm not just crazy!

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Arizona Based Brand - Vices

I have been on HB for a while, and I used to buy all my clothes in the marketplace for uber-cheap, but then one day I realized that I would love to represent my own city and state with local brands, but sadly there is not much out here in Tucson, AZ. This is when I decided to start my own thing with one other friend. The whole name came from the fact that we don't drink or smoke and were never really into partying and the regular highschool/college scene, so kids always assumed we were the "angels" the "good" kids. We saw that a lot differently, we saw it as everyone has their OWN vices, their own little bit of "bad" that makes them different. For us we were pretty deep into shoplifting, graffiti, lots of other stuff that was "bad" in a sense, but it just wasn't the run of the mill vice that everyone else had in highschool. We just recently redid our site and got our first t-shirt out there for sale, so feedback and support is what I would love thanks everybody! [URL] Here is the design for our first shirt, it is also for sale in our shop! smokeyface [Image] PS: We are working out a few kinks in our site, so if you see anyway that we can improve it don't hesitate to tell us, thanks!

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Jordan V Green Bean (Size 8.5) CHEAPP

For starters: I am selling a pair of Jordan V Green Beans size 8.5. These things have a little bit of dirt of 'em, but I didn't wipe it off. I promise they will be all cleaned up when I ship 'em out. I reside in Tucson, Arizona. Payment: Paypal or Money is fine The second I receive payment I will ship out! AIM: Leejuhnaire Email: [email]iLegionnaire@gmail.com[/email] Paypal: [email]iLegionnaire@gmail.com[/email] Hit me up for pictures, questions, whatever [B]BIN: 70 shipped[/B] OFFERS WELCOME! [Image] Video of the shoes here: [URL]

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[WTB] Gap Duffle Coat (Medium, Black)

I would like to buy Gap's last season duffle coat, medium and black, it is this exact one thanks a lot: [Image] Thanks 00nikolas00 for all the pictures!

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[WTB] Triumvir Legion XIII Shirt (Medium, any color)

I would like to buy the Triumvir Legion XIII shirt in a size medium just tell me the color you have and we will talk business thanks. [Image]

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[WTB] Huf x Mash Shirt - Medium - Black

I would love for someone to sell me the Huf x Mash shirt size medium and preferably in black thanks! [Image]

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Feedback: Legionnaire

This is a feedback section for anyone I do business with, so thanks and start droppin some replies because I have bought from TONS of you dudes!

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[WTB] Black Scale La Gioconda T-Shirt Medium

I am looking for this t-shirt in size medium basically any color, just hit me up and we will talk business! [Image]

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