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Worlds longest anamorphic painting.

This is sick -- [URL] "The longest anamorphic painting measures 106.3 m (348 ft 9 in) and was created by Joe Hill of 3D Joe and Max (both UK) and unveiled at West India Quay, London, UK, to celebrate Guinness World Records Day, on 17 November 2011." Can't imagine the effort that would of gone in.

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So, i record music …

Hey, Pretty much, i'm in the middle of recording a free 'album' and would like to get some feedback on previous music i've done. It is a few years old as i've taken time away from recording to move from Australia back to England & get myself sorted. I'd like to think i've improved since these were first recorded & if you guy's who like to hear newer stuff, i'll get some put up asap. Any feedback, (Good, Bad or Ugly) is welcome as long as it's constructive. http://www.reverbnation.com/itsenvymusik Thanks.

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Supra's Falcons.

Not sure if this has already been posted, but if there are any Supra fans around, you may want to check out there new product, the 'Falcons' .. Thoughts? Personally, I love the whole sneaker, except for the back. I think the bubble ruins the back of the shoe, but the side + front view look lush, definitely will be buying a pair. http://www.suprafootwear.com/products/S78001

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