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Fashion In's/ Outs 2008-2009

While I do loathe the majority of the cyclical styles, I can't help but say that I like to take bits and pieces of past styles and put them all together. I dressed my daughter in a fabulously 80's outfit the other day (turquoise skirt with brown tights/pants underneath and a heart pattern shirt), and I haven't ever gotten as many compliments on her cute outfit before. Embrace it. While I despise neon...some things are just too cute to pass up the second or third time around.

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I think you hit the nail right on the head. All ONE color outfit (can even be red...just all one color). The white mask and white gloves are a must to really know what the heck you are dressing up as. Also, maybe have one carry around a portable stereo and dance like crazy people. ;-)

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What are you watching?

I'm killing time until Eli Stone comes on tonight. All though, I must say I don't like it as much without George Micheal popping up... Maybe he will come back this or next season...

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Websites you should look at include Old Navy, JCrew, and Eddie Bauer They live and die by khakis!

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