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i ordered a pair of vans vulcanized 106's yesterday on karmaloop (sexy shoes) for $35 dollars. Im from Australia, and the shipping was $11 for 5-10 business days standard int'l shipping. the funny thing is, they sent me this link, [URL]. i put in my tracking number, and this came up: [Image]Status as of 12/11/2012 11:16 PM ET Tracking Number: 19990000000028238889 Tracking History DateTimeLocationActivity12/11/201201:59 PM ETMuses Mills, KYELECTRONIC NOTIFICATION RECEIVED Package Details Shipped To DHL GM GM51141140000085189 Customer Confirm 19990000000028238889 Delivery Partner GM51141140000085189 as you can see, it says the date is the 12/11/2012. where as i ordered the shoes on 11/12/12. do you think it is just a general error, because it has not been delivered as i only ordered them yesterday.Im a bit worried, maybe the tracking number is incorrect. I'm not sure.?)?)?) any experiences with karmaloop shipping to australia please tell me! i really need some help blushing

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