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Thorogood boots, good alternative to Red Wings?

[Image] I love the moc toe and need some good boots for the winter, but cant justify dropping ~250 for red wings. these are around 130 and from what I've read they seem to hold up pretty well, 100% american made (and by union workers), vibram sole, and less bulky than the RWs. anyone have any experience with these?

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not sure if this is the right place for this so feel free to move it. i ordered a pair of Vans Chukkas off ubiqlife.com on Monday. when i hit "submit order" i got an error message about my billing address, so i double checked it and everything was correct, so i tried to submit again. after checking my account balance, i noticed that i was charged for 2 orders, but never received a confirmation email. i emailed them and the next day i got money back from one of the orders like i hoped, but no reply from ubiq. i emailed them again just to confirm that my original order was shipped (i got 2 day shipping), but still nothing. anyone who has ordered off ubiqlife, should i have gotten a confirmation email after my order? theres no number on the site other than the actual store so i don't know any other way to get a hold of them. sorry again if this is the wrong forum

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