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Creative Rec's

livestock has some [URL] has them as well, still waiting for fall to arrive though side note: this could have just been put in the vancouver shopping guide thread.

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New discovery @ winners

Some Creative Recs at the Richmond and Vancouver winners $39.99 is too good to pass up only sizes 8-9.5 though

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They put Kwik-E-Mart in Coquitlam, not TO?

can anyone confirm this kwik-e-mart in coquitlam? its not on the site i thought it was only in america

2 Weeks ago in Canada

OFFICIAL Vancouver Shopping Guide

can anyone think of anywhere in van that sells FUCT? i'm thinking but at a loss

2 Weeks ago in Canada

H&M coming to vancouver kinda...

coquitlam is just where the first H&M in BC is going, from what i've heard there are plans for several including downtown. and we will never get a uniqlo here, at least not when its considered "cool" after all, we just got a urban outfitters here in the past 6 months, that place hasn't been "hip" for years i remember seeing uniqlo in japan a few years back, didn't think much of it, just the japanese GAP at the time, funny the way things go

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Finding alife bbc and stussy in Value Village

fuck yeah, you can't front on value village

2 Weeks ago in Canada

Vancity: where u got it for GRAD

except there is no H&M in vancouver. rent it, chances are you will only wear it once for quite a while

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Fashion xchange

yeah, probably the only one you'd want to check it out is the NLA one, freshjive, krew, that sort of thing. i was the the other day, plenty of stuff but pretty much all size Large

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"100% Legit" store in Calgary

thats just beautiful. having the balls to call your store 100% legit and then selling nothing but fakes. wow, just beautiful.

2 Weeks ago in Legit Checks

GoodFoot in vancouver.

^^ co-sign.

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New Hundreds?

okay, no one is making you buy a hundreds tee alright. they can charge whatever price they choose whether it be $20 or $100 no one has a gun to your head making you buy the shirts. I buy the hundreds because I believe in the brand and I love what they stand for. My white/black paisley hoodie isn't perfect, but thats okay, i love it anyway and rep it to death, because i like the brand. and this guy who posted before me, who said "newayz" and "gangstaz" is hilarious. keep it up gangsta!

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the [URL] gun-show bandana and the shirts are dope too!

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Where to get SB's in Vancouver?

livestock doesn't normally carry sb's for sb's in van check out RDS skate supply underworld board kennel (not right downtown) with a little looking you can find the addresses, good hunting.

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My SB collections enjoy it ...

nice collection dude whatever floats your boat, don't let the haters get you down.

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Why Doesn't BAPE Sue These Fapers?

how would you go about stopping all the fape out there? shut down the factories its made in? I don' t think they are in the phone book. its a supply and demand issue, very little supply + very high demand= very big pay off for the fakers. Some people don't care if its really or not, they just want to the look, I mean, look at the all fake LV bags out there. But yeah, its like stopping the drug trade, the fake makers aren't exactly going to make themselves available to be busted, the pay off is probably too good to quit, and people out there are still willing to pay for it.

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