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Nike Chosen video contest

[URL] Gooooooooooood morning Vietnam/HB. so there is this important video contest that my homies and i (Dirty Harry and the Bandits) are entered in. if you're down for life, click through the link to like and share the video on facebook. don't be shy HB crew, stand up! and did i tell you that $40 000 is on the line?

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supreme leopard t shirt green L- XL

i need this badly. anyone know how it fits? thanks

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[FS] Uniqlo keith haring portrait t shirt L

it's labeled as a japanese XL (which means it's a U.S. L). fits like a nice L but a little on the M side. I am head to toe legitimate always. i hate getting rid of this but i gotta clear out some stuff. i have only worn this about 2-3 times since i got this some time last year. there are no major stains that i could find, and no there are no holes and rips. will ship via USPS. price: $18 shipped +4% (paypal) / $23 shipped (money order, cash) [Image]

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supermods: name change

to "LordLeonard" thanks

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