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Official Japan Shopping Guide

What you trying to get, if you give me some money for my troubles I'll pick some stuff up before I come home on the 8th. Im in Tokyo What stores would have the Osaka and Tokyo dunks that just came out. Theres a ton of sneaker stores here but I don't which are Tier 0

2 Weeks ago in Japan


Hitting up South st for the first time tomorrow. Anywhere specifically I should check out besides Pedestrian?

2 Weeks ago in United States

NYC City Guide?

I didn't see the name of the store so I'm not sure if it got mentioned already but I found this crazy shoe store when I got lost in Soho today. Had nothing but AF1s, Dunks, Superstars, and Jordans wall to wall. It was off Greene st. around the 200s, a couple blocks before the street stops when it gets to that park area.

2 Weeks ago in United States