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Myspace/Facebook angles. WTF?? (Please post your stories)

blinkyeyes [size=18][b][color=red](Please post your stories)[/color][/b][/size] I'm not going to lie, this has happened to me on more then one occasion. My story: So last night I got this random myspace add/message from this girl who claimed she was in my class and wanted to get to know me. So I check out her pictures and I'm thinking to myself "ok, I'm going to have to meet this chick because she looks cool. So we get to talking on AIM and although she seems a little nerdy, I'm thinking shes cool, and I wouldn't mind kicking it with her. So today she asks me if I want to meet up before class, and I agree. I walk to the library to meet up with her and... blinkyeyesblinkyeyesblinkyeyes This chick is big, and I mean bigger then me. I

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Should I buy her a drink? (for those who are over 21)

Ok, so I've always prided myself in the fact that I have never bought a girl a drink, on the bases that I've always considered those guys suckers. Now I'm getting older (23), plus the fact that finally after two years I am single again. So I was just curious as to if you guys bought random girls drinks? Also, is it a bad idea to even consider it?

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[FS/FT] NDS white/red Jordan XII's (size 10)

Ok, you guys know what these are. I'm mainly looking for trades in size 10-11 Jordan's dunks, or anything super hot. (I like everything, but Jordan's and dunks most) I'll also start money offers at [b]$180[/b], but trades are best. I'll make BIN $300, but well open to offers. [Image]

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The Official Obama McCain Debate Drinking game!!

So tonight I plan on watching the Obama+McCain Debate and I wanted to put together a little drinking game to make it a bit more interesting, but wasn't sure what rules I should suggest. I hope everybody watches this debate beer in hand as It's gonna be good. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rule 1. If Obama says Change then you must take a drink. ... Rule 10. If either party candidate has a major slip up, or gets owned then all members of that party must kill their beer. Please suggest some more rules to get the ball rolling.

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[WTB] Playstation II

So my PS2 died. Remember that retail on this is only $129.99 and I'm going to be honest, I paid $75 for one well over two years ago. Lowest price will get my buy.smokeyface I don't need games, but I'll consider a package deal.

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Recap: The Chicago Hypebeast Meetup (8/16/08)

[B]New Rule: Strict Warning!! Flame= infraction[/B] I had a good time meeting everybody and hope maybe that I can make it out for the next Chicago or Milwaukee Meet-up! My girlfriend and I make the first shoe circle on the train, on our way to the meet-up. [Image] Was a great meet-up and I had fun. Only thing I would suggest for next time is that the meet up be more organized and a bit more planned out because everybody including myself were extremely late and there wasn't really anybody who took up a leadership position either.

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Tonight @ 10PM "Sneakers The Works" on History Channel.

10PM Pacific time. I've never see this show, but it looks like it's going to be good, A little about the show [URL] This should be a good one, -Alex-

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So I won the Reebok

And now I guess I get to help design a shoe with Reebok!!! Contest: [URL] I don't know what to say, except I'm a decent customizer, and a shitty drawer. no clue what they will be expecting out of me, but this shit is insane!! The email I got was extremely simple, but I hope they get back to me soon. It's actually crazy because I only sent them a regular pic I took a couple years back, nothing special. email: [Quote] Maybe this will be my in, a chance for me to get my foot in the door with Reebok, Maybe we'll have to design a special Reebok X Hypebeast sneaker. I have no clue whats going to happen, but this shit is insane!! (I will update later)smokeyface

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My Prayers gto out to the friends & Famiy of Morgan Freeman.

[URL] [Quote] [Image] This shits crazy as hell.smh First Heath Ledger Then Christian Bale gets arrested now Morgan Freeman?? I can't believe it! My prayers go out to all his friends, family, and fans. Also, I can't believe he's 71. Man looks far younger then that. All I can say is that man is bad ass.

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WTF? Shoes made of authentic human feet

Crazy as hell. I wouldn't rock um, but as strange as they are it kinda reminds me of body world, which is basically this art exhibit which is completely made of human parts. If this wasn't so damn strange I might have posted in other sneaker brands, but wow! [Image]

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San Diego x Mexico (TJ)

So tomorrow I am going on a road trip to San Diego tomorrow with my boy, and I was just crious about the night life. We'll be meeting up with someone from there, but I was curious as to what bars to hit up. Also if anybody wantsto meet up for a drink I'm down too. I saw the shop list in the official SD thread, but being on a limited amount of time to hit up shops, what exactly should I hit up? Also going to Tijuana. Is there any shop that sells Nike or anything?? Does anybody have any bargining tips for shit in TJ? What about the bars?? Thanks again, -Alex-

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Puppy Kills 2-Month Old Baby..

Stolen from ISS who stole it from NSB who got it from Youtube. So sad. At first I was thinking this wouldn't have happened if the mother hadn't been so Irresponsible leaving the baby unattended, but then I was thinking honestly I don't know what it's like to be a parent. I guess you gotta understand it's a damn puppy. Who would think a puppy would maul a baby? I feel sorry for the parents and family because most parents usually step out of the room and leave their baby unattended every once in a while. They more then likely just stepped out of the room to answer the phone, or get a little bite to eat and then this sh!t goes down. Coulda been a phone ring or anything. The DA is a bitch if he files charges. I think the family has suffered enough grief. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dbq0TsDsMBc[/youtube]

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21+ Oakland/Berkeley Bars tonight???

I'm just tryen to get a few beers and have a good time. Anybody down? Someone should hit me up! -I'm going to be on Grand Avvy at Smitty's Anybody show up and I'll buy you a beer Bring your damn cam!smokeyface

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Anybody a lawyer? Legal advice needed!!

The pigs are looking for some shoes!! So my brother has been accused of a crime conserning neigborhood vandalism, and earlier today one of his friends got his door kicked in by the police. The police are looking for some shoes and even took a pair of kicks, but he last wore them maybe 6 months ago. They want shoes because shoe prints were left on the hoods of a few cars. Whatever the shoes are I have over 300 pair of shoes (including every pair my brother has) so more then likely I have the same shoes. I am afraid the police are going to want to search threw my whole collection fumbling threw my valuable kicks, and messing shit up. My question is, considering the fact that this warrant is for a smaller crime, if and when the police come, do you guys think they are going to want to take a look threw my collection? Also, not being the accused, are they allowed to steal my shoes for their own evidence? If they do, will I get them back? I was thinking it might be possible since they

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Hookah Talk?

Can somebody school me on Hookah

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