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Help needed for class final!

As a final for my photo class, we need to pick a song to visually interpret with photographs. I'm having a hard time looking for a song use, so any help is appreciated! Lyrics are not necessary. Any suggestions?

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hypebeast "taggas"

check it out, hypebeasts at it's finest. [Image] i lol'ed hard. blinkyeyessmh thought you guys should see and post more

2 Weeks ago in Visual Arts

Cell Phone Broken?

I was wondering if I can still fix my cell after dropping it in water?? I just did it today...at first when I opened it up and checked, everything was fine and dryed everything off but when I opened it 5 mins later nothing would turn on like the like would still go on as well as the sound but the screen wouldn't..smh

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->Photoshop help please!

How can I create the all white and black photos yet leave some areas with colour? thanks.

2 Weeks ago in Photography

I just got some fapes!

It was my birthday a couple weeks ago and my cousin who doesn't know anything about bape bought me some fapes...smh what do I do with them???

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