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Hi everyone I'm looking for ALL GONE book, I'm specifically looking for 2008 and 2006 edition. Let me know your price and condition. Email me at davidngyen@gmail.com

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So sick: Reventon w/ Wheels

I posted this on my blog, nice to see something different! Jesus. [Image] Original post: [URL]

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Thoughts on my new car related tee design?

Would love your guys thoughts on this new design I just released: [Image] It's catering towards the import car scene so, euro car lovers please don't hate on me smokeyface I wanted to add more but if I went with any more the details would not print well. I tried to spread the select through out different eras.

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Thoughts on my new car related tees???

Hey guys, haven't posted on HB in ages but I thought I would drop buy to get opinions about my new designs that I have created. Also just released a new S2000 wallpaper you guys may be interested in. Cheers. [Image] And here is the wallpaper... [URL]

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Nissan 370Z Wallpaper I made

Check it...zele kit + zele exhaust = nice ass [URL]

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Drove my friend's new car

So my buddy put down a down payment for this baby a long time ago when I was still working for him full time. I dropped in today at his shop to talk about some work and he happened to have pick it up last Tuesday. After finishing up some business he took me out for a rip in it and I test drove it around the block a bit. Now I haven't really driven a real sports car before, so riding in this thing was definitely a new experience for me and I could not stop smiling during the entire ride. Hearing all the rave reviews about it, I did not know what to expect. We spent about 5 minutes driving it around the block with my friend driving, accelerated pretty hard and wow it really throws you back in your seat through out the gears. We took a deserted turn at 120 kph and I honestly I thought we were going to crash but easily made the turn. We parked and I had a chance to drive the car. The seat holds you firmly in place and the steering wheel feels meaty. I throw the car into manual mode and start to turn out. I noticed that in first gear, the clutch will not engage if your gas pedal is up, nice touch! I take the car around the first bend, it responded immediately and I could feel my heart pounding. We show up to a red light and I knew this was my chance to see how the car would accelerate. As soon as the light turned green I eased on to the gas and smoothly depressed it all the way. It was shockingly reached 150 kph before I could blink, I slowed down to 100 kph for the traffic circle ahead and made the turn with ease. The rest of the ride back to shop was a gentle ride since it was my friend's car but I was really impressed. From the acceleration, to the cornering, the car did it effortlessly. I'm very happy I had the chance to experience driving this car, but it also saddens me I will probably never get to own this car. A couple things I noticed right away about this car, it looks much better in person, the interior looks way better in person, quality looks top notch, of course its fast, and handles like its on rails. Sorry if I sound like a little school girl, I would probably not have the chance to drive this ever if it weren't for my friend. Here are the pics (excuse the iphone suckage): [URL]

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So I thought I would give myspace a try today and see if i can make myself a decent layout and haul ass on it. But the damn site is so slow I can barely update my profile. is this site even worth my effort?

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Rolls Royce Tees

Hey guys these are my own brand that i just launched, think you guys might like em.... [Image] Currently only have Medium - XXL, price is $25 + $4 for air shipping to the states, cheers. [URL]

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Medium Sized Hoodies

Hey guys i'm looking for a camo hoodie, how do the mediums compared the 10deep chain hoodies in medium?

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Size Small Gear

anyone know where i can pick up size small stuff, i have been looking for a 10 deep hoodie in size small since the chain gang hoody dropped and have had no luck. and anyone else know where i can shop for some af1's online?

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