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Hey, felt like being a total asshole today so I was on eBay scanning some streetwear stuff when I came across an eBay auction titled "CLH DEAD SERIOUS Hoody" For fun, I decided to be an asshole and emailed him: "every thing your selling is FAKE. every single hoody. your dead serious hoody is so fake i can't even describe everythign that's wrong. first of all they retail for much more while your tricking ebay users into buying it for a 100.. im hatin' cause i hate fake resellers that pull it off liek its real.. damn, i hope you at least know that what youre selling is fake." And he responds with these 2 emails: "you need to stop smoking. Karmaloop.com has them right now for $280. And do you know any company that sells for the same price that they buy? You think hypebeast paid $300, and sell for $300. Yep, they saw you coming. Don't hate cuz my shyt is real, and wholesale, you ain't even got $300 for 1. You hating on the ones that do have tha hoody. You remind me of a notepad killa." "I just noticed, nyc. The city known for selling bullshit. Playstation3's in time square for $300. Your city is the knock-off capital. Tell the truth, you got a closet full of knock-off's." Yo... Resellers on ebay are crazy.. they actually believe their stuff is real... And he actually sold a fake CRACK hoody already while that shit hasn't even been out for that long... Can I get some support and spam his ass through ebay messaging service? Shit gotta stop.

2 Weeks ago in Brands