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City Approval - 2016 Discussion Thread

What's going on everybody, it's been a good long while since City Approval has been on here. There's no dodging the rep we gained during our time on here, which is something we wanted to address. First and foremost, we just want to thank everyone who's been rocking with us. If it wasn't for all of you, we wouldn't be here. As much as that sounds like an understatement, we mean it. We wanted to somehow find our way back on here because we love the community and we have for a while. As honest as our customers were about shipping and other various things, we hope you all understand that as a brand that found success because you decided to purchase from us, we never hesistate to take any of those complaints into consideration. With that being said, we're excited about being back on here. Being away from HB, a place where we started, didn't feel right. We dropped the lookbook yesterday on our site, and the drop comes today at 5pm pst. [Image]

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[City Approval] – 2015 Official Discussion Thread

[Image] Our Seicho Collection is now available. Trailer | [URL]

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[City Approval] – 2014 Official Discussion Thread

[Image] [Embed content] city approval is a streetwear brand based out of los angeles, california. our brand takes inspiration from japanese street culture, along with los angeles lifestyle. [URL]

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[City Approval] – 2013 Official Discussion Thread


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