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Sz 12 Nike SBs Gucci Pac Man Ms Pac Man Skate or Die Cigar and more

[Image] Ok the top, smaller row is sz 11.5. The bottom, bigger row is sz 12. I will take closer, more detailed pictures for anyone who is *seriously* interested in buying and paypal ready, not just window shopping. As far as the shoes go, ALL of them are at LEAST an 8-8.5/10, some much nicer. I take very nice care of my shoes. Some are even DS. If anyone is interested I also have Hay, Bonsai, Pacific rim, and all black wool Janoski's. Get in touch with me if there is any interest, or if you need any questions answered or more pictures.Thanks.  Text for quicker response 561 808 9694

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Supreme CDG 1 Tee, Supreme CDG 2 Digi Camo Coaches

Text for quicker reponse 561 808 9694 Worn handful of times, 9/10 easy message for more pictures [Image] check my other threads too got some other shit for sale and ill throw a good package deal together real quick trades considered but it would have to be some serious heat i need cash

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PRICES DROPPED UPDATED 11/15 Supreme/CDG/Futura/W)taps/Original Fake - button ups/t shirts/shorts/ca

Selling some of my old stuff that I either don't wear, or doesn't fit.  Not really looking for trades except in  Supreme sz L button ups, flannels, hoodies and potentially jackets Non Supreme sz L Jackets (Huf mainly but would be willing to look at anything) ***Deals on multiples*** ***Prices do not include shipping or fees*** ***Text for much faster response 561 808 9694*** [Image] DS XL Supreme camo cut n sew t shirt - 75 sz XL futura box logo - 75 sz XL W)taps tee - 60 LOST PICTURE FOR THESE SHIRTS AND THEY ARE AT MY PARENTS HOUSE - my brother mails out anything I sell, so if you are interested in any of the shirts listed below here let me know and I can get my brother to snap a picture.  - Supreme L micro stripe - 50 - Original Fake HS X Eyes Button  up sz 4 (XL, but it fit boxy so I had it taken in, fits like true L now) retail was 225, and Original Fake is no longer producing clothes, pick it up as a steal for 150 - Supreme L City and Country Henley - 110 - Supreme L DS Macaulay Culkin - SOLD - Supreme L Sunrise tee 8.5/10 - 40 Text for much faster response 561 808 9694

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Nike Janoski obsidian sz 12 NEW PRICE

230 + shipping text me at 561 808 9694 I don't check this often Worn 2-3 times Cant beat this price, come on with it Looking for quick sale [Image]

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supreme khaki sz 34 field shorts

[Image] 65$ 9/10 condition 561 808 9694 for quickest response

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3 shirts - Supreme Steel Wool, Original Fake X Eyes, I Love Ugly Speckled sz L

[URL] Steel Wool sz L 160 OF X Eyes 200 (Retail was 225 + It fit boxxy so I had it taken in to fit like traditional L) ILU Speckled 75

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WTB New Balance Salmon Sole sz 11.5-12

Looking to buy a pair of reasonably priced New Balance Salmon Soles. Trades preferable. HMU.

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DQM 249$ Gift Card for 150$

I got a 249$ DQM gift card for their online store for sale for 200$ Hit me up.

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Supreme, Vans, Asics, Nike SB sz 11.5-12

You can offer trades, but there isn't too much I want. Mostly button downs and jackets. and a pair of salmon soles.  Don't contact me or ask for pictures if you dont have cash.  [Image] twin peaks worn 9.5/10 condition 150 sz 12 pacific blue janos 9/10 condition 100 sz 12 pacmans 8.5/10 175 sz 12 rayguns 8.5/10 straps cut 180 11.5 720s 90 11.5 ds kobe kostons 250 sz 12 hay janos 70 sz 12 obsidians 7.5/10 200 sz 12 dill old schools 9/10 XXXX RESN 9/5/10 200

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WTT Last years Sup x CDG Gusset M black for this years loop collar sz L

Like title says - i have a gusset from last year. the colorway is 'black'. It has been worn once, never washed.  Looking for this recent release loop collar in navy/red sz L PM if interested Will provide pictures to anyone who gets in touch and is interested

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Ronnie Fieg x Sebago Bergen Boot

Anyone know if kith has any of these in a 12 or if anywhere else will be getting them? [Image] i gotta get these in a 12

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i personally think the new formatting sucks

all these buttons and pictures in the text body and quotes where you cant see anything - it's really stupid.  the formatting fucks up, it doesn't let you do certain things, it makes other things even harder - all together i just think it really sucks i get that whoever is in charge is trying to make the forum better, but my personal opinion that it is a step in the wrong direction. if you dont know how to post pictures or gifs, or how to quote people without clicking a button, then you don't belong on the internet in my opinion.  i rarely visit this website anymore simply because it gets worse and worse to use. i realize the success of this website doesn't hinge on me, and im not trying to make it seem like it does. just giving one users opinion.

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WANTED: SZ XL supreme button ups

looking for sz XL of supreme button ups - I got cash, and lots of heat to trade, and i have a lot of shit sz L that i don't have listed in my for sale thread that i can trade as well, just let me know what you have and we can go from there http://hypebeast.com/forums/apparel/185518/ ^^^ there is my for sale thread of things i would be willing to trade, i also have other stuff not listed in that thread so get in touch and lets work something out^^^ these are ones im specifically interested in, however shoot any XLs you have and are trying to trade or sell over and lets work something out paisley any color polka dots (not the levis one, or the black one with white polka dots) deco speckle chambray (navy) oxfords short or long sleeve any color tartan plaid white or red from this season

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SUPREME HEAT Updated 1/25 Lowered Prices + More Shirts

Wanted List Any Color Paisley Button up Sz L  (the one from a few years ago, not the one from this season) polka dots button up sz L ( red or blue only) Teal Trail Shorts sz 32 This seasons navy paisley sz L Burgundy Wet Weather Parka sz L -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Image] chenille SOLD maroon foulard lightly worn SOLD blue lightly worn 60 black herringbone 60 worn lightly cambells DS 50 black canvas worn once 95 kaws SOLD DS olive camel 75 black scale funeral with matching shirt 75

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Anyone interested in writing a paper for money?

The paper should be an easy one. 5-7 page position paper. American gov't is the class. Topic can either be a) why the two party system is strangling american politics or b) the patriot act and how it shit on the basic and fundamental freedoms our country was founded on Due saturday am @ 11 Hit me up if interested ill pay 10$ a page or trade clothes lol

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