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Diablo 3 Is Coming!!!!!!!!

i was sooooooooooooo hoooked on this shit in hs

2 Weeks ago in Gaming

Where is Edison now????

just outa curiousity where is this guy now. after his sex scandal shit, im gona assume he lost all his advertisement stuff etc... cuz he use to be alll ove hk ads now no more. is he even in hk?

2 Weeks ago in Asia

anybody ever see this????????

saw this in hk today. looks like some kinda lotus elise/american car hybrid. [Image]

2 Weeks ago in Automotive


just came back from la and vegas. god la is hot as shit. but not humid so its all good. staying in tokyo for a week then back home. [Image] $1 sushi more to come [URL]

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MAGIC TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so i just checked into wynn, and i already saw lebron and ll cool j. o ya i was drinking at the wynn bar, and was sitting next to owner of lrg and ben baller. god damn blinged out. anywayz will have pics, unless camera runs outa batteris cuz i forgot to bring the charger haha.

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Where to go in South Korea?

im in seoul rite now. any places worth going to? so far seoul seems like a HUGE version of ktown in LA. i was expecting something crazier. dont really get the feeling that im in another country. will have pics but i forgot the usb connector.

2 Weeks ago in South Korea

New Kobe Ads in HK

have any of u guys seen this ad in the US? im in hk so i wouldnt know but i saw these ads alllll over HK today for first time. pretty damn creative if u ask me. [Image] makes him look like a basketball GOD hahahahah

2 Weeks ago in Hong Kong

Prison break and heroes

for all you prison break and heroes fans, my homey just uploaded them all on the site. feeel free to dl [URL] i got super hooked on prison break season 2, watched all 20 episodes in 3 days haha

2 Weeks ago in Entertainment

What u doin for st. patricks day????

im @ home predrinking rite now before i go out. only way to do it hahahahah

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In Tokyo for a week (UPDATED 3/12 - 71 PICS!!)

ive been in tokyo for a few days now. so far ive been to harajuku, ueno, akiba, roppongi, shibuya, shinjuku. been updating the blog daily with pics. lot of goood stuff. [Image] more pics can be seen here [URL]

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Reebok Pumps : Alife

how much are these goin for? im in tokyo rite now and i saw a shop sellin the orange ones for $100 usd. they have the white ones too but didnt check the price, its probably the same. are these a good deal for $100?? FCLA has a pair up for $300.

2 Weeks ago in Brands

in Tokyo rite now (UPDATED W/ 57 PICS!!)

i just got to tokyo. any specific places i should hit up? i already know all the places in harajuku. went over to shibuya today took a lot of pics and vids. can view pics and vids here [URL] i realize all over print is toooooooo crazy here

2 Weeks ago in Brands

Back in Tokyo! (UPDATED WITH 57 PICS!!)

anyone know any other places besides harajuku, shibuya, shinjuku that i should hit up? akihabra is ok too i guess. pics and vids available here [URL]

2 Weeks ago in Asia


got my new nike ids while i was in vegas for magic and all star weekend. [Image] saw a lot of ppl in vegas. soooooooo many ppl iced out wasnt even funny

2 Weeks ago in Nike


anyone else going? are there any parties on monday night?

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