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Vans Aloha Era sz10,10.5

I'd prefer the maroon or orange ones, but the blue ones are cool too. pm me if you can sell or pick up and we'll work out a price.

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Salute Me or Shoot Me 3

pretty much the whole tape smokeyface [URL]

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Pewter Foamposites sz 10.5, Cons CTS sz 10

I just have a couple items that have been collecting dust in my closet. I only accept paypal; please add 4% or select the gift option. Shoes will be shipping from VA. Any other questions, feel free to pm me. Nike Pewter Foamposite sz 10.5 US worn 3 times no OG box $200 shipped [URL] Converse CTS Hi White Perforated Leather sz 10 US worn about 3 times comes with box, extra laces [B]$55 shipped[/B] [Image] Polo Ranger Boots Black Leather sz 10.5 US (fits 10.5-12) worn about 3 times comes with box [B]Sold[/B]

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Official Gucci Mane/1017 Bricksquad Appreciation Thread

i bump these ✖✖✖✖✖s all day every day.

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Red Shoe Suggestions

hate to start another one of these threads, but i really want some new red shoes. i already have the classic authentics and the suede converse CTSs. any suggestions? doesn't matter the type of shoe, just not looking for dress shoes or anything hightop. any variations of red are cool too.

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Favorite Drummers

past and present. GO. i like the guy from the mars volta.

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What earbuds do you use?

right now i have a pair of sony mdr-v700 headphones, but want some earbuds for running. i want some with good base and have the attachments that make them fit nicely in your ear without any jostling. my price range is <$100. i was thinking about getting some beats ($88 on ebay). other suggestions?

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Need A POOL PARTY Playlist

throwing a graduation pool party and i would appreciate some songs that would be good for one...like some good summer songs and other party songs anything is good because i need to make it universally appealing: hip hop, pop, rock, country, techno, foreign, everything it's a family event so all types of people are going to be there: old, young, black, white, etc. i'm not ruling out soulja boy or any other "bad" music, just need to have stuff for all tastes thanks guys.

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[FS] CHEAP Supreme 5 Panels, Bulls Snapback, Ransom Backpack

I'm just selling these hats that I have practically never worn myself and a backpack that I don't wear anymore. Only accept paypal. All prices include shipping/fees. I will only ship to continental US. Don't be afraid to offer me; these hats are just wall decor in my room. The hats: Red Checker (worn 4 times) SOLD Tiger Camo (worn ??? times by previous owner, none by me) SOLD Grey/Black Dots (same as above) SOLD Orange/Purple Dots (worn 5 times) SOLD Starter Bulls (worn 5 times) $13 [Image]

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How will/did you ask out your prom date this year?

??? i'll probably just straight up ask her....no special stuff.

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Killa- Cookies and Apple Juice


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[FS] PRICES LOWERED! Jordan II sz 12, AM 90 sz 11

These shoes have both been worn but as you can tell taken very good care of. I take [B]paypal only[/B]. Feel free to ask for any more questions. I believe the pics I have taken are sufficient enough, but I can take closeups if desired. All prices include shipping/fees. Thanks you. Pics of both shoes make the [B]creases seem worse than they really are[/B]. They are not noticeable when worn or when seen in person in normal light. [B][U]DON'T BE AFRAID TO OFFER[/U][/B] Jordan II Retro sz 12 comes with box (taped due to damage) and retro card worn 10-15 times [B]PRICE LOWERED $105 shipped [/B] [Image]

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[FS] $250 DS DIOR MIJ 19cm raw tagged sz 32

I have a pair of Dior MIJ 19cm raw jeans for sale. They are brand new just tried on and I decided that I want a pair of more rugged denim. Don't get me wrong, they are extremely comfortable and the fit is perfect for me, but it's really not my style. My asking price is a lot cheaper than what I paid for them, so don't miss out.....only [SIZE="4"]$250 shipped[/SIZE] via [B]paypal only[/B]. waist sz 32 inseam 37...major stackage contact me for more info.... [Image]

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Illmatic Back Cover

can somebody post a closeup pic of the back cover of illmatic. i'm doing a advertising project where i have to redesign any cd cover. i need to copy all the legal info and stuff on the back of the cd to make it as authentic as possible. thanks.

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