Nightlife in Hong Kong

gonna be in town from the 28th of Dec till the 4th of Jan... any parties worth checkin out? or any places that play good hip hop... not commerical shite

2 Weeks ago in Asia

Carharrt in HK?

Where are there places in HK to pick up Carharrt? Is there a store there? I vaguely remember coming across somewhere in Kowloon that stocked it.. any reminders would be greatly appreciated.

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Anybody in Korea?

[Quote] Kasina... Premium... they sell Creative Recreation, Crooks and Castles, The Hundreds, Nike SB and LRG from what I can remember of my head. There are a few places in Hongdae, but off the beaten track. These days the market here is really, crap. Korea is such a hotbed for fads, and as such alot of the stores can't stay in business. Tin Tin in Itaewon, in the little arcade next to Mcdonalds is a good place to start. Hit up Devit the owner and he should be able to give you some spots to find the gear you want. He's pretty good with his stuff

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