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hey guys, i looked around before asking this question, but everyone's got mixed opposite opinions on cheap mondays(regular fit)... 1) how many sizes do i go down because of the stretching? 2) should i do a soak before wearing them so they wear in nice?(some people wore them, then soaked and all the wear was out of place and they got wrecked) thanks!

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undercover x visvim kiefer

hey guys where could i get the undercover x visvim kiefer(black) in TORONTO or around the area. I know it's an "undercover store" shoe, but i was wondering if some other places might have them too thanks! p.s.i tried where to buy forums already, but no replies, hoping i'll get some here.

2 Weeks ago in Canada

Stores in kansas

hey, i'm visiting kansas in april, i'd like to know if there are any stores worth checking out there. i'm going by the olathe area, but my aunt says kansas city isn't too far away from there... thanks!

2 Weeks ago in United States

Puma Pele Brasils

heyy, anyone know where to get puma pele brasils in Toronto and the GTA? I want to try them on but i'm ordering online. Also, how's the fitting on it? cause I have suedes in 8.5 and it fits too tight, but i have liga's in 8.5 and there's more space. How do the Pele's fit? thanks alot!

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Puma Pele Brasils in toronto and GTA

I'm aiming for puma pele brazil's and i found the colourway i want online. But i want to try it on in person before ordering online cause returning online is such a hassle. i've got suedes and liga's and they both fit different, at 8.5. Are there any stores that sell puma pele brasils in Toronto and GTA? thanks alot!

2 Weeks ago in Canada

Puma Pele Brasils in toronto and GTA

edit: Wrong forum. made a new one [URL] thanks!

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levi's 501's

hey guys, i'm new to HB forums. Someone's probably made this thread already, so sorry if it's repetitive... but does anyone know where to go fer a big selection of 501's around toronto or scarborough? I'm willing to go to nearby citites if it's a BIG selection too... besides the bay, sears, and the two levi's stores inside and outside eatons. thanks alot!

2 Weeks ago in Canada