[FS] Supreme NewEra, Public Enemy StarterJKT, RS NewEra, ETC.

[align=center][/align] [b]Help Me Finance My Future[/b] Shoot me a PM if interested Payment Method: [b]Paypal[/b], Cash Meet-ups: possible in [i]NYC/NJ[/i] on the weekends, [i]preferred[/i] All Sales Final! Here is what's for sale: 1.) Supreme Box Logo New Era sz. 7 5/8 F/W08 SO: $65 HO: ---- BIN:[b]$100/b] [Image]

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[FS] Nike GM VANDALS and Others Sz. 9 Supreme and Rogue Status fitteds 5/8

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[FS] - Fitteds, Supreme / Hundreds / Frank151 / GCH / CC (7 5/8-3/4)

I have the folllowing new eras for sale. I accept [b]paypal[/b], s+h included in BIN. [b]NYC/NJ meet-ups[/b] possible on weekends. all bought from respected shops. 100% New era collabos or kick my face in status. feel free to offer best price. 1) DS The Hundreds "POST" New Era 7 3/4 SF exc. too big for me. S/O: 80 H/O: BIN: 130 [Image] [URL] thanks for shopping paix.

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Post good Podcasts w. videos

I just suscribed to alife and they had the john mayer x jus blaze sessions. anyone recommend me some more good stuff? thanks in advance

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List Best DJs vol. mashup/blends

im looking for mix cds...djs like AM, A-trak, the entire crooklyn clan. list some mixtapes for me HB!!! thanks in advance

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Diamond store update???

any chances of any fitteds being around. im a 7 5/8. Nick u there?

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i meant to make this post about a few weeks ago. i emailed the guys about a month before the adam fitted came out. they told me to hit them up when the pics surfaced on their page. it did, but it was noted as in-store and i was heated. i email them back and get a response saying they held the hat for me. the hundreds really cares about its market. thanks to the guys and expect a nice bottle at the shop soon. its ok to talk to ppl, i always tell my friends. make as many connects as u can within this niche we live in. too many people bashng, not enough repping and spreading love +JP ps. i dont want a blog

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kool fitteds lol

hey hypewhores boundless has the King stampede new eras. they have the mighty healthy new eras too. consume consume consume!!!!!! ps. i copped the yellow Ole fitted its uberkoolguytotheumpteenthdegree

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Premium Label

Do these guys have a website. im trying to track down the alba shirt and some other stuff from that collection. thanks in advance

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Question bout cmonwealth

do these guys actually answer emails back??? im trying to purchase some stuff that needs to be called in. i tried calling, but their voicemailbox is full help!!!

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Best Tattoo Shop in Northern NJ?

can u northern jersey head recommend me a good place to get inked? im looking to get two tattos as soon as late feb and march. im basically looking to get arabic script around my wrist. i am also looking to get an image from a cd cover on my forearm thanx in advance

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Vans X Ari Marc

How much do these retail at the Supreme NYC store??? Still Widely available

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Chelsea Boots

Yea I'm looking for a pair of nice chelsea boots for this winter. I usually wear a suit to work w/ slip-ons from aldo's. I'm not baaaaaalllllllin' so my price range is up to 150 max. I wanted the chelsea boots from b. republic a/w06 but couldnt find in my store and online carries like a 7 and an 11. thanx in advance.

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Hundreds Hoody fit

How do the HUndred Pins hoody fit guys. true to size? Phat farm? or American Apparel?

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Visvim in NJ/NY

Interested in this brand. yes; late pass. what is true retail for them? Exactly of how many makes and models do they have? any stockists around me? thanx in advance

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