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Whats your fav kanye song?

My top 5 favorites are probably from MBDTF, and I've been a Kanye fan since The College Dropout.

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Dipset (Santana's Town) Video Interpretation

ye ye ye ye was the best part smokeyface

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[Orisue] - 2007 Discussion Thread

does orisue still use AAA tees?

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BBC lookbook

i dont think this has been posted yet if so then sorry [URL] alot of this stuff has been seen already but there are a few exclusions. Im suprized how the red jeans look and how the fits with the kakis look, im really feelin them.

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Hows MHI fit compaired to Bape

I wear Large in Bape what, size should I get in MHI? thanks

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Pick Up Post: October 2006

[Quote] if its true, make that billionaire, if her dad is really howard schultz

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Hip Hop is not on the radio tee

it looks like it would be a custom one that he had done for himself, since its just a regular font, alot of rappers do that

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Krew Hoody: New Little Info

i didn't read the whole thread, so i dont know if this has been said, but ccs has them [URL]

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Who had the Pink terry cloth polo?

I remeber a post with someone trying to get rid of a pink terry polo for a medium and I was interested in it. I looked in the listings thnking it had been moved but couldnt find it there. id appreciate it if someone would direct me to the post of if the person gets back to me. thanks

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What's the cheapest price u've seen a authentic bape hoody go for @ eBay?

cheapest zip up i seen was the eagle emblem one for $170

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the og ones didn't have bape tags, only the pre release samples did

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Camo shorts

[Quote] LOL i know so many people that steal from a&f

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Why are the Girls that work at BWS so Ugly?

what would having good looking people work there do? its not like they dont sell everything that comes out

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The FAPE Care Factor

What it all comes down to is how people want others to think about them. The real Bape wearer has a need to feel more superior to a fake buyer so they go out of there way to criticize or say how they knew of it for a long time. Same goes for the person with fakes, they try to show off that they have the hottest thing out. If it wasn't for the need for these status symbols people would have much more inner peace. I have a very few bape items but price compaired to the quality is ridiculous, I would choose my high blue/gold Y3's over them anyday.blushing

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get a program like autodesk inventor, then need an extremely expensive machine that will read the format and make what you designed, basically... [Quote]

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