Raekwon in the Snowbeach Pullover in 2012 x Action Bronson x GROTESK x Tom Gould in NYC!

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OBLVN debuting 100 Paintings in Chinatown/LES, NYC (street art/graffiti)

Portland's OBLVN will be making his east coast/NYC debut at Klughaus Gallery on March 10, 2012. The opening is sponsored by Bomb Beer and will be from 6-10pm. His artwork speaks for itself and I thought that people on this site would be fans of his stuff. He's worked for Nike in the past and behind the scenes on many street wear brands from the Northwest: [URL] MARCH 10—APRIL 1, 2012 OPENING: SATURDAY MARCH 10, 2012 FROM 6-10PM KLUGHAUS GALLERY 47 Monroe St. New York, NY 10002 [Image] More at: http://www.klughaus.net

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For NYC Chinatown/LES: Jesse Edwards - Dialogue of the Streets through 2/12/2012

Hello, NYC native here. This is our first post on this forum and wanted to contribute to this Art section. Just opened a brand new gallery in Chinatown on the block of the skate park under the Manhattan Bridge. For our first show of 2012, we worked with a Seattle based artist Jesse Edwards of BTM/3A crew. Jesse is an ex-graffiti artist who now does oil paintings and ceramics. You may have noticed some of his works in the streets as well. He paints tribute portraits of friends and fallen crew members such as DASH SNOW, SACE, KERSE, etc... Here's some flicks of his work at the show: [Image] [Embed content] Klughaus Gallery 47 Monroe Street New York, NY 10002 http://www.klughaus.net The gallery is open Thurs-Sun.

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