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Official Philippines Shopping Guide w/ pics!

Just a heads up to anyone going there, I know this thread is mad old and not updated but they recently opened a Comme Des Garcon shop in Makati. While I was there it was still under construction but I believe it is open now. So anyone heading over there it should be a good spot to check out.

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OFFICIAL Toronto Shopping Guide

For everyone looking to cop some blackscale gear a new store just opened up this week. Its called Contraband its in Yorkville they have a couple tees and tanks available, check em out.

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Everybody go on this dudes livestream n troll

http://www.blogtv.com/people/flipfusion HES ON. HB FAM GET ON THIS!

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How do you store ur raws

On the floor since they're gonna be worn the next day anyways.

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New discovery @ winners

Picked up myself a pair of thin fins at the bathurst and lawrence location. They had 1 more pair left of Flare Glenns in size 29 x 30 i think. I know the waist was a 30.

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Free HP keyboard from Futureshop

ordered mines today. Didnt realize you needed a credit card but luckily i found a 1 and 1/2 year old gift card i never used, to sign up. Can't wait to get the keyboard.

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Official Livestock thread.

what sizes are you guys recieving for the jordan 6/17 pack?

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