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What is your most favorite brand of denim?


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Black Demim

naked and famous, rag & bone I also like nudie black coated slim jims but that's just me

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WDYWT: 2011 (Chat Edition)

lol pinoid really though??

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The Official "Hangover 2" Thread

watched it during the weekend.. it was mad laughs but I still think the first is better

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What Video Game are You Playing

fight night champion and still on that fifa and nba 2k

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New York or LA

L.A. and NYC are so different...polar opposites. I really, truly love New York. It's the ultimate urban experience. I think L.A. is an easier place to live. Personally, I'd only consider living in Manhattan, the outer boroughs don't do anything for me, although I'd consider an exception for Brooklyn Heights. Love the view. But it really just depends what YOU enjoy doing and prefer.

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The perfect online shop

[Quote] love sssence got all the good brands, bit pricey but you know you're getting your money's worth. wish they would put model measurements like tresbien does though

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The perfect online shop

[Quote] ^^this.. a model wearing the clothes and model's height would help too. Too many times you buy something and its either too short or too long. -Reasonable shipping and an option to chose which courier you want to use. Tired of DHL and their broker fees. -option of Paying duty and taxes before shipping like amazon does, so the courier can't rip you off

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plans for the summer

work full time then go to europe send half of the summer

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Official L.A Lakers thread

[Quote] I wanted van gundy too not sure if brown can run the team or will he be deferring to kobe? He did have a lot of success in cleveland though people don't give him enough credit, 2 seasons with the best record and 5 straight playoff years if my memory serves me correct

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Toy Pickups

Hypo respect bro, you got a sick collection wish I had got a hold of the 5YL when I had the chance

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The Official Nudies Thread

Grim tim cut looks better than the slim jim wish I could return them

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Nike NSW, SUPREME, Varsity Destroyer Jackets, Iron Hearts 33×34, ETC MORE!

hey do you still have the size 34 nsw chinos? if you do how much will be the total including shipping to toronto? thanks

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The Brooklyn Circus...any fans out there?

that dude yung bev.. brooklyn circus had some of the best holiday pieces of 2008.. I like how their clothing line has evolved. Shout out to the whole bkc crew.. Its a shame I don't live in NY no-more

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