[FS] Size 10.5 Air Jordan Retro OG Fire Red 5's

Hey guys, selling my retro Fire Red 5's. These were released in 2000, and are pretty rare. They are in decent condition for a shoe that's 13 years old. There's some cracking on the toe box, and some black scuffs on the side. They come with black laces. Other than that they are in pretty good condition. Taking offers, but come correct with them. Won't sell them for cheap. Looking for cash mostly. PM me with offers, or post in the thread. Or you can email me at kiranharrison@hotmail.com if you want, that will be the fastest response. Want these sold soon.  [Image]

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[WTB]: Supreme Camo box logo hoodie size M

Title says it, looking for a size M camo box logo. Offering $290 shipped to canada, or $200 and a Supreme Giraffe camp. Hmu.

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FS: Supreme Giraffe camp

SOLD!  [Image]

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WTB: Supreme Black box logo hoodie, Giraffe camo camp

Hey guys, looking for a M or L black box logo hoodie, and a Giraffe camo camp. Paypal ready for both. Also looking for a M Supreme Ventile Parka, and size 10.5 Supreme X CDG Vans. Hit me up. Also have a few trades.

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FS: Older Supreme tee's, Undftd and Obey snapbacks, Spool and Thread

hey guys, getting rid of some clothes I don't wear any more/don't fit me. All prices are firm, and so are shipping prices. Only shipping to Canada and the US. Would love to trade for a Supreme red riding hood tee in an XL, any colorway, Supreme camps, and any other Supreme stuff! Here is feedback from another site I've sold tons of stuff on: http://www.newschoolers.com/ns/members/profilefeedback/member_id/153754/ First off, we have a M Supreme tee thats in 6/10 condition, pretty dirty and a little shrunk. Not looking for too much, say $25 + $5 shipping? [Image] That's all HB! Want these gone soon, so offer up! Would love to trade for supreme stuff!

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Favorite Jordans?

Just wondering what your guys favorite model/colorways of Jordans are? Post up pics! Mine are: Retro IV's in Fire Red and Military Blue, not sure what I like about them but they are just so clean IMO. [Image] What are your guys favorite pairs? And lets keep the flaming to a minimum please.

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Is this website legit? http://www.chogorius.com/

Hey guys, so my friend is a wannabe sneakerhead, so I was thinking of ordering him a pair of Jordan's off this website http://www.chogorius.com/air-jordan-new-c-2089.html for his birthday coming up. I know they are obviously fake, but he won't be able to tell cause he has no idea what he's doing. I won't be buying them for myself, but as a birthday gift for him cause he's a close friend. So has anyone ordered anything off of this website, and is it legit? Thanks HB

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FS: Supreme Grey Herringbone Donegal camp cap

Hey guys, this is my first time selling here but I don't fuck around, got a ton of feedback on another site here: http://www.newschoolers.com/ns/members/profilefeedback/member_id/153754/ Anyways, I'm selling my Donegal. It's 10/10 condition, no flaws at all, I wore it for about half a day and realized I look terrible in any camp cap. I bought it off ebay brand new, and it was bought off the webstore so no tags. $80 shipped to Canada or US, with tracking. I can also text more pics if you feel the need. [Image] Thanks guys, want this thing gone fast!

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