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Highschoolers with jobs

looking back at highschool i would say that a delivery boy is a pretty good job. i had a job that payed 10 bucks an hour and then i would keep the tips. on some nights i would get like 30 bucks an hour. but it depends. try to get one where you use there car. the extra miles on your car sucks because they add up pretty fast.

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First Car

99 cadilac sevile. dark green....still driving it.

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Breaking Bad

A spin off on Saul would be cool

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Breaking Bad

This is the greatest show in the history of t.v. I don't it to end what so ever

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Daft Punk - Random Access Memories 5.21.13

Hopefully there are some good samples, either way cant wait to listen.

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Northern New Jersey, Where you at?

I've lived in jersey all my life. The best thing I eve found was some good stuff at thrift stores every once and a while. My friend found a pair of papa bears, and I found some Jordan Oreos

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Who’s a stoner again?

[Quote]That's immaculate. I'm truly jealous of those nuggets

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Can I draw you something?

The force is strong with this one

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T-Raww (Tyga's Shoe Line)

Those look weak

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Why do you hate Obey?

I hate obey because grimy weird people wear it

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Just made this Desk, let me know what you think

Awsome design, extremely inovative. you better have gotten an "A" on that

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Pokemon MMORPG

i cant believe no this hasnt been made yet. fucking awesome idea

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What program do you use to make beats?

studio one is the shit. maschine is cool too. the only thing with maschine that i have a complaint about is that the sampling on it is kinda difficult to work with. you have to REALLY work wiht a sample for it to loop perfectly. i have one and wouldnt really recomend it for sampling. its a fucking beast for unsampled beats.

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The Chillest Songs Ever

just type Me'shell NdegeOcello and listen to whatever. you wont regret it. always chill.

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