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Import Model Christine Mendoza Makes over $250K/year

[URL] than most folks probably ever imagined.   "Growing up with almost nothing- it seemed like it. I worked my ass off since 17-from scrubbing walls & floors @ a restaurant to modeling & dancing- all jobs i hated. to eventually making over 250k a year (still hating my job)."

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Instagram Web Profiles

Instagram finally launched web profiles! What's yours? http://instagram.com/kineda

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Only $13 to squeeze Japanese porn star boobs

It was for an event to raise money for the fight against AIDS. [Image] http://www.kineda.com/it-cost-13-to-squeeze-japanese-porn-star-boobs/

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Kate Upton Gets Served by Melanie Iglesias & Lisa Ramos

[Embed content] [URL]

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Kim Kardashian Nude Playboy Pics (warning NSFW)

http://www.kineda.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/kim_kardashian_nude_playboy_outtake.jpg http://www.kineda.com/kim-kardashian-nude-playboy-outtake-photo/

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Bizarre Looking Japanese Face Slimmer

I had to share this one! LOL [URL] http://www.kineda.com/bizarre-looking-japanese-face-slimmer-makes-you-look-like-a-blow-up-doll/

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Help identifying women’s Nike high tops?

Can someone help identify these Nike high tops? [Image] *** Sorry... Mods please move to the General footwear forum. I just noticed I posted in the wrong one.

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Mfest V

[Image] Great photos by 1013MM: [URL]

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Jessica Alba is a Hot Little Focker

[Image] [URL]

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Android Girl

[Image] New wave of singers using phones??? [URL]

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The Woman You'd Love Your Woman to Be Like

[Image] [URL]

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Mishka 2010 Fall Lookbook is Full of Breasts

Guess they figured out how to sell tees! [Image] [URL]

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Ktown Cowboys

It's a web series about a guy who moves from Virginia to Ktown (LA). Thought some folks might like it. blushing [URL]

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Justene Jaro x The Hundreds

Some sweet pics from Natalia. [Image] [URL]

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50 Cent Like a G6 Remix

50 Cent jumped on Far East Movement’s hit: “[URL]

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