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[FS] Supreme S/S12 Floral Camps & Polo, Camel Camps, Snakeskin & Tie-Dye Shirts, Northface!

[b]Last Updated 06/18/12[/b] RULES: 1) Don't waste my time and I won't waste yours. 2) PRICES ARE FIRM! NO LOWBALLING & NO FLAKING! 3) Paypal add 4% for fees or send as gift, unless stated "shipped." 4) NO TRADES (except DS Jordan 1 New Loves size 10; DS Wtaps Vans size 9; DS Kate Moss or Origin Tee in M) 5) Do not question my legitimacy. Veteran member with tons of references. 6) EVERYTHING IS DEADSTOCK UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED Supreme x North Face Venture Jacket (Black/Medium) - $OLD! Floral Camp (Navy) - $OLD! Floral Camp (Natural) - $OLD! Camel Camp (Khaki) - $OLD! Camel Camp (Olive) - $OLD! Camel Camp (Pink) - $OLD! Donegal Camp (Black) - $80 Panama 5-Panel (Pink) - $90 Floral Polo (Navy/Medium) - $OLD! Tie-Dye Shirt (Red/Medium) - $OLD! Snakeskin Shirt (Pink/Medium) - $OLD! Camel Shorts (Pink/32) - $SOLD! [Image]

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CHEAP HEAT!!! DS Vans x Taka Hayashi Akat LX 10.5/NDS Nike SB Ferris Bueller 10.5/VND

[U]PLEASE READ[/U] Please contact me via private message if you have any inquires regarding the shoe. Got multiple refs: hypebeast, iss, nsb, & ebay I HAVE 0 TOLERANCE FOR LOWBALLERS/FLAKERS!! BE PAYPAL READY! For sale is: DS Vans x Taka Hayashi Akat LX (Sudan Brown colorway) size 10.5 I want to move these fast: $115 shipped firm (includes paypal fees) [Image] ONCE AGAIN I HAVE 0 TOLERANCE FOR LOWBALLERS/FLAKERS!! YOU WILL BE MARKED AS A LOWBALLER/FLAKER AND WILL BE IGNORED BE PAYPAL READY! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Thanks for looking smokeyface

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[URL] "In MadWorld, Varrigan City has become a target for a group of terrorists known as "The Organizers". The Organizers have taken over the city and transformed it into the setting for a game show called Death Watch, where the city's citizens are being forced to fight for their lives against mysterious enemies, for a prize of 100 million dollars." Looks like this game is going to be the Wii's big break since its rated M. The game has already been banned in Germany due to its violent nature. Exclusive to the Wii console. Release date in North America is March 10, 2009.

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