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9/11 Conspiracy

I was under the impression that proponents of any of the various 9/11 conspiracy theories would have done a little more than looked at a few pictures and watched "Loose Change" before coming to a completely immovable and stubborn opinion bordering on religious fanaticism with regards to what actually happened on September 11th of 2001. I am going to be the first to admit, that after watching "Loose Change", I was shocked, outraged, and completely taken in by what seemed to be good data, eyewitness reports, and the conclusions drawn from the "analysis" of this data seemed to make some sort of sense. However, when you encounter such wildly accusative and crazy shit, it really helps to see if perhaps anyone else has other insight on the matter. Say... scientists? As opposed to a film student who'd been refused admission to a mid-rate film school twice? What I'm saying is that you shouldn't take my word for anything, but maybe take a look at a few of these sites. [URL] Notice that there are [B]sources cited[/B] Feel free to post any "evidence" of an inside job or conspiracy theory, and I'll do my best to provide a simple, scientific explanation that isn't based purely on speculation. [Image]

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I like science, I'll post up any interesting shit I can find that's science related, feel free to do the same.

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Quilted hooded jacket/sweatshirt

where can i find one? i've trawled the internet, haven't found shit.

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