I'm very into fashion!

I'm gunna leave this here [URL]

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Supreme Starter Snapbacks

Supreme Snapbacks made STARTER ONLY!!!!! Feel free to message me can do meet ups anywhere in NYC. Other than that Paypal.

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Help! I need a Jacket!

Okay guys, I got a challenge for you. I have 100$ and I need a winter jacket. Like a dickhead, I spent my Christmas money on some Dr.Martens and some BBC tees. So if you know any warm and nice winter jackets for 100$ I will love you and cherish you like my own child. P.S. I live in NYC it gets really cold here. Thanks in advance and welcome to 2011.

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WHo saw me on 4chan's tinychat

SOmeone on here (who read my posts about being blood saw me on 4chan. Just wanted to say wassup

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SO I ran into some money

Hey everybody this is a thread about me and my shopping addiction. No I do not want links to your selling thread no I do not want trolling bullshit.Now, on to the main event I'm getting about 3,500$ (not my parents money)and I live in Brooklyn, NYC. I have no idea what to buy except a Grey Supreme box hoody, some boots for the winter, and that wool private jacket from the gap that still leaves me about 3,000... so i'm a 16 y.o skinny guy. what should I buy? (Oh and right now I'm using a plastic Supreme store bag as a bookbag right now a new bag (preferably duffel unless the book bag is part leather) so suggestions on that would be excepted too. Pleae don't fail me HypeBeast And by skinny I mean i wear a size 30 jeans, S/M tops, and Size 9 feet

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Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion Official Discussion Thread

I've searched beforehand so... Welcome to the thread! I just recently bought this game a week ago and haven't put it down since and I love every bit of it even since if I don't know exactly what I'm doing. Anyone else play I mean you have to have at least heard of one of the best games ever! (BTW I got GotY Edition for 360 so all expansion packs I've been through)

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Naked and Famous Size 32

Close thread please these have been traded

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Mac Miller - K.I.D.S

[URL] So far every song on here is great if you haven't heard him this is the time to start listening. He's on Wiz Khalifa label.

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Newb question please don't flame

WHen in the marketplace what does shipped and BIN mean

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Bengi Jeans Co

[Image] These are Bengi Jeans CO Limited Edition Brooklyn Bridge in Blue. A little history on the company would tell you that these were made exclusively in Brooklyn by hand. Many stars have been seen wearing them and they are extremely big here in Brooklyn. they are about 300$, but if you know where to go you'll get them for much cheaper. I hope you guys don't flame the brand or nothing.... matter a fact i don't care what you guys think i'll never see you lol but just bringing in some new fashion other than kanye west. Even tho i'm a Kanye head too. In case you were wondering retail for these specifically are about 350$ but I got mine for 240$

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So I popped my Good Wood Jesus Peice

ANy Idea where to get like a stronger string... it should have come on a chain like the other necklaces =.= but i guess Jesus deserves a more minimalistic representation for his necklace

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