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HB FAM! IISE 1 Year Anniversary Free Bag Giveaway. THANK YOU!

Sup HB! So much of what we accomplished is from what I've learned from the forums since back in 2006. It's been a crazy year! FREE GIVEAWAY! We are celebrating our OFFICIAL 1 year anniversary this week and we would like to thank everyone that has supported us! We will be doing a FREE giveaway where 1 lucky supporter will receive: 1 Buffalo Weekender, 1 Buffalo Leather Card Holder, and 1 Buffalo Leather Lighter Case! Giveaway will end on 2/12/14! Here's how to enter: 1.) "Like" our [URL] [Image] Thanks for the support always guys! Will do more giveaways in the future for sure blushing

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[FS] Vans Steve Olson/SNA Snakeskin Print V-79 "S" Size 10!

Up for sale is a great pair of Vans Steve Olsen/SNA V-79 Hi "S" sneakers with snakeskin print. Shoes have been worn only a few times and still in GREAT condition. Size US10/UK9 and comes with the original black syndicate box!  Price: $75 shipped OBO [URL]

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[FS] Closet Clearing - Uniqlo, J.Crew Obey Rapture

Haven't been back in the States in a while and found some stuff to get rid of. Obey Rapture Jacket Size M Barely worn, still in great condition. Jacket is lined with an attached hoody so its really warm and pretty heavy. Price: $60 includes shipping [Image]

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Rekstizzy - Whatever You Say [Official Music Video] Peep this!

[Embed content] Queens bred

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Rekstizzy, Dumbfoundead, & Decipher "No Apologies"

My boy just got featured on Complex.com [URL] Any opinion, thoughts, comments post here!

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[ iise accessories ] – 2016 Discussion Thread


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Clarks Beeswax Desert Boots 8.5-9

Title says it all, PM with pics/price.

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Government shutdown?

Friend sent me this article [URL] Thoughts?

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Scammer Alert: LustForLife012

This post is long overdue so my apologies but I was in the middle of travelling overseas etc. Simply put: I was supposed to send LustForLife012 2 pairs of unbranded denim + an Obey Rapture Jacket for his 8gb Iphone 3gs. I've been selling on these forums for a while so I sent him my feedback thread and this idiot says he'll send first as long as I send it after he updates me with the tracking number. He sent me tagged pics and thought this was an overall good dude. Unfortunately after he updated me it was past noon on a Saturday and the post office was closed so I had to ship out my end on Monday, luckily his package arrived first. I opened a dinky little box and on the inside was a plastic ring case and on the inside was a fake plastic diamond ring. I immediately started laughing when I saw this and thought this guy was one of the biggest clowns I've ever dealt with in the past 6 years of buying/selling/trading. Don't know how he thought he was going to get away with this. Was pretty annoyed because we sent each other like 40 pm's to get this deal sorted out and this is what it all resulted in. I'll post up screenshots and everything in a bit but just wanted to get this up before I forgot and he got someone else. All this happened around 1/6 - 1/8 2011.

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D40: 2 years with kit lens, now what?

Sup HB Been using the D40 with the kit lens for about 2 years now. Haven't really read anything about photography or other lenses but I did do quite a bit of shooting to know how to work my camera. Looking for an lens upgrade but don't know what to get. Going to be doing a lot of travelling, pictures of food, party pictures, everyday blogging etc. Looking to get an external flash as well, suggestions on those? I dropped my camera lightly, UV filter shattered (no biggy) but now my flash doesn't work. Every time I try and snap a picture with the flash on all I get is a clicking noise, is this easily fixable? Or serious problem? Thanks to all replies.

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Unbranded Selvedge Blowout (Tapered, Skinny), Obey Rapture, Alife

All prices include shipping add 4% or send as gift payment. 1.) Obey Rapture Jacket Size Medium, great condition. [B]$85[/B] [Image]

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I-Phone 3gs or 4

Please pm me with condition/pictures/price. Thanks.

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Year In Review Vol. China (Picture Dump)

Spent almost a year in China doing my thing. Going back in a few weeks to work on my own grind with my brother. One of the best years of my life, experienced mad shit and have friends from all over the world now. Travel, meet people, chase after your dreams ya'll. [Image] So many more pictures I could have posted. Didn't include ANY party pictures btw. More pictures/detailed experiences of China in the blog: [B][URL][/B]

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Unbranded Selvedge, Uniqlo, J.Crew Chambray, H&M, Obey Rapture

Only in the States for another month, need to clear all of these. All prices include shipping w/ tracking (within U.S.) Paypal add fee please. Check my sneaker thread as well: [URL] [Image]

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Jordans (Flints, Mars, Aquas, 13's +More), Supreme, Vans LOOK

Here for a month, need to rid these from my closet. Prices Include shipping within the U.S. with delivery confirmation tracking #. FOR MORE DETAILED PICTURES CHECK THE OLD THREAD PLEASE! Cover 4% or send as gift, been selling on here for 5 years now. References: [URL] 1.)Vans Steve Olsen Size 10. $60 [Image]

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