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Artist/Sculptor/Photographer help..

Hey can anybody recommend me some good artists to look up? I have been looking to stimulate my brain for a minute...I need a little bit of inspiration to spark my creativity....I've looked at Banksy, Rob Mueck, a little of Futura 2000and jamie hewlett....but I know there is a vast amount of art out there...smokeyface

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Forbidden Kingdom JACKIE CHAN X JET LI

Yo who saw The forbidden kingdom?What were your thoughts on the movie? It was pretty tight that the movie had a collaboration of the two greatest Martial artist/actors Jackie chan and Jet Li.!!!smokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface..

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A Lupe Fiasco Interview Goes wrong

Yo check out this Lupe Fiasco Vid I did lol tell me what you think? [URL]

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Keystyle thread!

iam the pirahna,eat ya venacava/ my mouth releases heat somethin' like a hot sauna/ more like hot java, more like the hot lava/ even in war i burn through your armada/ i contrict chicks with my grown anaconda/ i see the H-O first like i'm readin the word honda/ my benovolence is keen ,I am my own element/ my eloquence is supreme, im my own veteran/ i dnt care where you from my intelligence is prelevant/ i'm big behind bars ,just like an elephant/ just read my speech, is this the truth that you seek?/ just like the gritty streets, my truth is concrete/

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Help i need to convert British pounds into dollars

I'm about to buy some kicks from the uk and the total came up to 80 british pounds.can anybody tell me how much is 80 brithish pounds in american dollars?

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Black History

I have found a website that sheds some light on the false reality and that says Black people don't have a rich and cultural past..and the misinterpretation that are culture comes from nappy headed half naked poor hootin' and hollerin' brutes. check it out for ya self I encourage anybody to read and tell me what you think. here is the Url [URL]

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Nike Blazers!

I love Nike Blazers they are my favorite kicks....I just got my first pair...They are brown and olive green Matter of fact here they are [Image] tell me what ya think?? Today I went shoppin' for sum chucks and ended up stumbling upon 2 new styles of blazers at a foot locker I think I took pics wit my cell I post emm....does any one else like Blazers??....

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Ramen Or Sandwich

I was wonderin' If you had 2 choose out of Ramen noodles or a sandwich(regular bread loaf) which one would you choose?and why?blushing Hhhhhwould you choose the high sodium soupy goodness of ramen or the beautiful simplicity of the sandwich..? you choose

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I live in miami and I wanted to know if anybody can tell me any good shops That sell nike blazers....

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Nike SB Blazers and Prods?

Yo can anybody tell me the price Range of Nike sb blazers and P.rods?Oh and can anybody tell me where I can find them? I live in miamiblushing

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Who wants to see EragonFor the people who haven't seen the commercials its about dragons....and a dragon rider....If you ever played the game Drakenguard you know what I'm talkin' bout...

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Videogames(can you learn anything from them?)

Yo one night I was arguing with my motha about videogames and she was like videogames lower your attention span.I told her so does T.V..Then she went on to say you can't learn anything 4rm videogames....So I said yea you can....but I want to know what are your opinions on this topic..can you learn something (positive) from video games?

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Unknown Grey suede adida

I just bought these suede grey black striped adidas with a smooth but hard shell toe..with a wide thick tongue and it says Campus ST on the side....could anybody tell me what they are or what they are called?oh and if any body can tell me if they are skateboard shoes..

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