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Uber = Pussy

Used Uber for the second time tonight. Pick up some bitch at the subway before the ride. Bitch saw the town car bout to drive my ass home. Got pussy in the back seat. Try it yourself niggas... uber.com/invite/6psz4

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Sports Betting

What do you bet on? What sites do you use? Lock: Ravens over Titans (+5.5)

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Online Sports Betting

Anybody fuck with bodog or anything like that?

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Happy 4th of July

and God bless America!!!

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RIP Billy Mays

Wtf is going on? [URL]

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Truck Thread

Who's drives one?

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Love America or Get the Hell Out!

People who are always complaining about how corrupt or evil American government is piss me the fuck off... Since when did it become cool to bash the country that gave you everything? America...Fuck Yea! >smh

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What happens when you die?

Seriously what the fuck happens? I've been bugging out all week.

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Trip to China

In early June, I will be taking a trip to China. I will visit Bejing, Shanghi, and Chengdu. Can anyone give me the heads up on what to check out? Also, just general information like typical June weather will be very helpful. Lastly, are there any shops in those cities that i mentioned that i should check out, or is most of the streetwear game located in Hong Kong?

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[FS] - No Mas x Puma First Round Boston (10) / Nike SB Eire (9.5)

paypal preferred trades in size 10-11 meetups in Boston at my place, and my time PM me with offers, or if you need more pictures No Mas x Puma First Round Boston, Sz. 10, #15 out of 48!!! Worn Once Inside Slight box damage (will ship extra jordan box or sb box) S/O: $200 BIN: FIRST OFFER OVER 200! [Image]

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[WTB] - Nike Air Max 180 (10)

looking for a pair of sz. 10 air max 180's black, ultramarine, opiums, etc.

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American Apparel Crewneck Thickness

for those who own this [URL] how thick is the crewneck?

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Camp Out :-(

I never done this shit before, but there are a couple pairs of kicks i just gotta camp out for and i finally got a friend who is crazy enough to do it with me. so whats the 411 on what to bring/do while im freezing my ass off in the cold.

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blazers info...?

can i get some info on these blazers [URL]

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Best Late Night Snack

I would have to say mac & cheese

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