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ID this bracelet??

[URL] jw...thanks

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On a much different note...

So i had to find an article for my sociology class and wandered on this one. its pretty long and i doubt many of you read it but i thought i would just put it out there caus its some pretty tight shit. [URL] Its about something called the Grant Study where this guy took a sample group of Harvard students, which even included JFK, and continually studied them with questionnaires and shit, and still do. Its called what makes us happy and it kinda changes the way you look at things if you dont read it or dont want to, just stay out of the thread

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Official iPhone Screenshot Thread

Saw this on another forum and thought it would be a good idea here considering how many people apparently have a jailbroken iPhone after looking in the jailbreak thread. Post your home screens and also include what theme it is so others could find out. I'll start. ReVeal [Image] I've been switching between these two. I like ReVeal more but unfortunately thats really all of the icons it has so I have two pages of non matching icons so im leaning towards Gradiance.

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Lets say that there was a 10 ft deep pool, that was all jello. you walk up to the diving board and just off, pencil dive in and sink to the bottom. Then what happens?

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What Is This Song?????

I dont know how many of you watch Fantasy Factory but I was watching it last night and really wanna know what song he played on the boom box when Cole Hernandez came in. [URL] there is the link to the scene, the song starts at :36. someone please help. thanks in advance

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check it


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Free Sports Betting Site

You might think im going to post a scam site but this site is about as easy to work as can be. Sign up is quick and if you get to a certain amount of money you can cashout and they send a check directly to your door. My buddy just got a 60 dollar check. They use advertisers money and you start out with 10 cents and can work your way up. Check it out. [URL]

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Nike KD 1 X

Anyone know where i can get these besides ebay? [URL] also i dont care what you think of how they look.

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Jailbreaking iPhone 3G

How do you do it? Sure there are plenty of places online I could find out but I figured having a thread would help everyone involved to dismiss problems by asking other people who have unlocked it already and so on. So im currently wanting to unlock my 3G, how did you do it and how easy was it? and was it worth it? anyone that would be willing to make an in depth guide would be great.

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I'm Sick

*WARNING-Wall of Text* However, if you read, it could help you out later in life. Legitimately sick, sore throat, headache, runny nose, coughing...the works. so i wake up, dont even think about going to any of my classes, instead i hit up target for some shit to hopefully make me feel better. so i head over to target and pick up some airbourne, halls defense citrus vitamin c drops (realizing these probably wouldnt help but who cares, besides they taste hella good), some halls cough drops, a thermometer (didnt have one) and two 2 liters of 7-up. Now none of this really matters but i get home and start going to work at these cough drops and the other ones, literally pounding them down left and right. one gets done, i grab another. I think im down to like 10 in each(theres 25 new) but now all of a sudden my bowels start fucking up. They just start making all these weird ass noises and I have to go to poop like every 30 minutes. I dont really think anything of it but as I go to grab my bag of cough drops i check out the back again (ive looked like 3 other times just to see if its like dont take more than x amount in a day) but this time i find out something to explain all this. *excess consumption may have a laxative effect* just thought id share that story with everyone maybe to help everyone out if they ever come to this situation. and i still dont really care, these drops are way to good and im still downin them

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What is your favorite hard alcohol?

as a college kid, i gotta say that raspberry shmirnoffs is my shit, although i havent really tried a lot of shit. grey goose is hella good too.

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How much does hennessy cost?

just wonderin, figuring someone here would know. i dont need an exact dollar amount, just maybe an estimate of what it is where your from

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[NEW MIXTAPE] Papoose-21 Gun Salute

[URL] listen.

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[URL] enjoy. this is for all the haters who all they hear is gun talk. take a listen

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What kind of phone do you have?

Didn't see a thread out there like this one so I figured I'd make one because im thinkin about gettin a new phone caus mine is flat out old. so post what phone you are rockin right now and if you like it or not. right now i got the t-mobile dash and its been good for the 2 years ive had it, easy to text and i havent had many problems

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