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The Offical Cheap Monday Denim Thread

I'm also curious about the Core Tight....Not long ago all the photos I saw of "Core Tight" seemed a little looser/less tapered than the "Tight" cut, but now the Core Tight photos look super slim and tapered, like the Tight. I have a pair of Autobahns in unwash from years ago that I LOVE to death, and I have been searching for another pair forever. Can't find any though, so I bought a pair of the Tight, and while they are also very nice for the price, they are a different cut and more on the tapered side (and the fabric is also thinner and not as good quality as the old Autobahns). I'm keeping them, but I really want something like my Autobahns again. So I'm also wondering if anyone can confirm if the Core Tight is different from the Tight.

2 Weeks ago in Denim