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Supreme "Highly Decorated" Hat (Black, One Size Fits All)

[Image] Supreme Highly Decorated snapback/trucker hat. was purchased from supreme store in NYC. Never worn, still in new condition with no smells/stains/etc. 100% guaranteed genuine, this hat is rare. $85 shipped USPS priority. paypal only, no meetups due to time constraints. is also listed on ebay at the moment, if you would feel more comfortable buying it there. feel free to contact with any questions, thanks in advance blushing

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post them up.

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Fitted Sizing.

hey, i havent bought a fitted hat in years and since i plan on ordering a hat today online, i cant go to a store and try on. how big does everyone usually size up?

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freshjive hoodys

sorry if this has already been done, but i just need a quick response. freshjive hoodys arent ginormous or really tiny, so i can assume they would fit like any other same sized hoody? thanks.

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H LO is very annoying.

[Quote] - pm he sent me. why isnt he banned yet?

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aNYthing Fall 06

aNYone else :snicker: think the fall line is kinda weak? seems like everything is recycled/no care went into the design. especially things that are obviously just copy/pastes like the pigeon hat

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this is cute


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Selvage @ Uniqlo.

[Image] yay.

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nice shirt

[Image] haha NOT. i hate both of them so much. blushing

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the city from brooklyn.


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Camera FAQ and Suggestions.

hopefully this thread can get stickied and cut down on the amount of individual "what cam should i get" etc threads. so if anyone is looking for a cam, just ask. i for one can make many suggestions. please list your budget, what you want to shoot, skill level, and desired features.

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its been a while

since ive used this... [Image]

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product photography.

[Image] anyone else try it? ugh im losing alot of quality with resizing smh.

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doodles with a ccd and some light.

[Image] so yeah, i know the 2nd to last might not be for everyone but i like it.

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