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Nike Sizing

Does anyone go through different sizing with Nike. When I switch brands, sometimes I go a size higher or lower, but that's just with switching brands. With different shoes in Nike, I find some major difference in the way my feet fils them. I wear a 9.5 in Nike Sb mids which is perfect. When I go on to put on low SB Dunks, they're not so perfect. Particularly odd, since they are the same shoes basically.  I have a skinny foot so it seems to be a challenge, at times I could down size but I risk my toes cramping but then the width seems to be a better fit. Janoski's give me this issue as well. They just seem to but not snug with 9.5s but the 9's are almost too cramped. Does anyone else have a similar problem? I really hate to downsize as it could be uncomfortable. What do you think about buying a smaller size in hopes of breaking them in and stretching it out a little, in hopes of getting the benefit of a more snug fit?

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Sneaker Disinfecting

I was just thinking, perhaps it may just be my ocd, but analyzing all the shit and grime a pair of kicks go through in a night out. Walking the city street, bums, thousands of nasty motherfuckers, and your feet cover every inch. You go to the bar, you take a piss, the floor is covered with piss from god knows how many other ratchet motherfuckers. Shit, when I come home I don't even want to walk in the house with them shits on. Does anyone know of an infective, quick, and easy way to sanitize shoes or disinfect them?

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9 Five Sunglasses,Real Deal or What?

I went to a store earlier yesterday and saw these glasses, originally they said 79 but I ended up talking them down to 60 flat out. Now that I look on the internet the same ones are listed at a hefty 95.00 http://9fivesite.com/products/9five-perforated-modelo-royal-blue-reader Now, I'm wondering if this deal is too good to be true, does anyone think they can be fake or is there something up here with 9 Five that I'm not aware of?[Image] Everything else at this store I'm sure it real to the gills, does anyone think this was a good deal for 60 or are they not even worth that? Sorry for the small pictures.

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What Trends Will Be First To Die?

What do you think will be first to go? Similar to how you don't even see a throwback worn backwards in 2013, what will be gone next? I personally think 5 panels but what do I know.

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Chocolate x Diamond Fitting?

[Image] I'm assuming for this collaboration that Diamond is using their pants and not vice versa with Chocolate producing their jeans for this collaboration with the namesake of Diamond included. If anyone knows, correct me if I'm wrong. Generally speaking I wear a 31, brands like Levi and Polo Ralph Lauren are some examples of what fits well in that size for me. I only have the option of purchasing 30 or 32, which has me wondering if they fit true to size. Maybe the 30s run a little big and are more comfy and perhaps the 32s may run small? Anyone with experience in either brand, particularly Diamond, please fill me. Hopefully someone has owned a pair or tried them on and can fill me in.

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Mixtape: Riff Raff & Dame Grease – Hologram Panda

Anyone else listening to this? I was surprised being a fan of Riff Raff to hear a few new bangers. [URL][Embed content]

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Doughboyz Cashout

I've been feeling a lot of up and coming artist, liking this a lot. Just something to throw on and get hyped on and maybe smoke one and cruise. [Embed content]

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FS: Brand New Diamond Belts, Wallet, and Socks and Rocksmith Hat

Everything pictured is brand new and not used... 40$, also have other color ways..if requested I will be getting those in the next week. [Image] All items are in the condition you see above, brand new...continental US only and paypal only. Tracking ID available at request of buyer. I don't know why the pictures got turned but I'm sure they're good enough...the belt may look like its darkened but its only the lighting and the shadow...its crispy clean.

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What would you wear to a job interview?

What would you wear to a job interview?

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Ralph Lauren Quality?

I used to be big into Polo Ralph Lauren, collared shirts and shit like that. I will admit the jeans are alright too but something about their shirts isn't right. They seem not to maintain shape very well and with a few washes and dryings, even hang drying them...they just seems to go downhill soon after you purchase of them. Nothing is better then a fresh Polo don't get me wrong but do you have to upgrade to Purple Label or dry clean them just to keep them looking decent? Am I the only one who has noticed this?

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My Based Freestyle part 2

[Embed content]

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The Return of Greatness by Keety

[Embed content]

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I've had my ears pierced for years but haven't even worn them in forever, is it me or are they out of style unless you're a rap superstar like lil b? Even then...I think its a dying trend, anyone else concur?

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Young Money’s Newest Artist

FLOW...need I say more [Image] lol.

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Juicy J

I've been listening to dude since his early days in Three Six Mafia and the Hypnotized Camp Posse. Dude is an og without a doubt, not just as an artist but one hell of a producer as well. [Embed content]

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