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[Ludwig] - 2008 Discussion Thread

I'm really excited for this, drops September right? I'll def be copping...

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[Franco Shade] 2008 Discussion Thread

Picked up Birdfeed shorts at the sale, they were a steal blushing

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America's Best Dance Crew

Go Kaba Modern!!

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Michael Jackson - Thriller (2008 Album)

you must of downloaded it from the same rippers as me

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February 2008 For Sale Thread! [READ FIRST PAGE BEFORE LISTING ITEMS!]

[Image] Never ever worn. Brand New. Orisue Mint Crewneck/Hoodie thing in Mint. Medium. Got this at the Orisue warehouse sale and I'm letting it go because I thought this was an x-half hoodie. [B][COLOR="Red"]RETAIL = $72 MY PRICE = $45 + SHIPPING.[/COLOR][/B] PM me if you have anymore questions or if you need more details.

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anyone in a frat?

I pledged for a frat one quarter at the university I attend... I de-pledged when after it ran my grades to shit and I found out 99% of the bros grades were even worse. Now I'm desperately trying to bring my GPA back up. Not worth it but it was fun while it lasted. There are perks, but most of the events were stupid/pointless and a waste of time. Events kill the bank after you join because you'll end up funding them with the rest of your bros. You do get really close to your frat bros though, because you're pretty much with them all the time. Alumni I met weren't doing much with their life. I don't think my frat had too many successful alumni. Sorority chicks are alright, most are pretty ugly though...they get down though. But theres tons of non-sorority chicks who get down as well so it doesn't really matter. I got more mature in the fact that I learned that college isn't all about partying, and got my priorities straight now. Best way to enjoy frat life - rush for them and abuse their parties lol. Or make a bunch of friends with sorority girls and just show up to some parties. Free beer and food is always a plus. I guess frats would be worth it if you went to a JC or something. But what do I know, I quit before crossing.

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[Supreme 2008] - Discussion Thread

damn i wish i lived in LA so i can hustle these hypebeasts daily

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Is There An AA For Street Wear?

[Quote] True true Bud = my anti-Streetwear on that note I need to call my connect for a reup today...

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[Triumvir] - 2007 Discussion Thread

[Quote] &)&)&)

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Offical Coupon Code Thread

check the sig smh

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Need brand help that can be bought offline

levis or try ur local flea market, my area has this place called bristol swap

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[Orisue] - 2007 Discussion Thread

copped the mint, fucking fire

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[Triumvir] - 2007 Discussion Thread

now now, jon told me all bout your antics with those drogas (and gave me a sample, it was great btw) so i wouldn't say such things blushing

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[Triumvir] - 2007 Discussion Thread

the rivets say 'fuck your clique', don't they

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[10 Deep] - 2007 Discussion Thread

the varsity jackets are fire

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